Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hair larious

On Thursday: I told Audrey she should have her bangs cut by her Aunt Heather after school when she goes to Nannie Wizza's house on Friday.

On Friday: After school Audrey was in her Nannie Wizza's sewing room playing as she always does when she decided she would cut her own bangs. She cut one be chunk out when her Aunt Heather walked in.

It ended up not being too bad, Heather was able to fix them so that you can hardly tell. When you lift her bangs up you can see a very short piece of hair. Thank you Heather for doing such a good job making them look good!

When I saw Audrey I told her most people let others cut their hair because it's not easy to do yourself, I also mentioned that if you were to do it yourself you have to have a mirror, she said she used the T.V. screen. What a Nut! But a Nut that is always thinking! I don't think she will do it again or at least not until she's a teenager.

What's funny is that I've noticed over the years that many of the little girls in Kindergarten and Pre-k have had very short bangs. Has anyone else noticed this?

This picture was the next day. Unfortunatley we didn't get a picture of her hair before it was fixed.

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Prinzis4 said...

Hey Bon! Yep - when Hannah was still at the other day care 4 of her friends butchered their hair in the corner of the room! Thankfully Hannah wasn't there that day!!! Greg and I wondered where the teachers were that 4 girls could give themselves complete (and I do mean COMPLETE) makeovers!