Saturday, January 15, 2011

Love Mini Book

Valentine's Day seems to be in the when going over to Ali Edwards site I saw that she had posted this which made me think of the post below from 02/05/09 and thought I'd repost it. I loved making this mini album and think I'm going to make another for someone special.  There are so many fun projects out there and inspiration about LOVE, makes me want to make something.

I think it's almost time to get the Valentine's Day decorations out (I only have a few).  I've loved having the house simple after all the Christmas stuff around.  I haven't even filled my 3 large apothecary jars since emptying them from Christmas.  I kinda like it but I know I won't forever since I chnage my mind about things all of the time!

Oh, and go over to Becky Higgins has a free Valentine's Day printable that is simple and so cute. !  She also has a fun idea on spreading the love with post-it notes.

Original Post 
I'm a huge fan of Ali Edwards and recently saw this on her blog; a very cute mini book for Valentine's Day. I decided to try one myself. I've never made anything like this before so it was a new experience for me. It was so much fun! It brought back many memories when I started to go through some old pictures (pictures before digital sorted in photo boxes, it seems like a million years ago since film).

This will be my Valentine to Eric. He will love seeing some old photos.

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