Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our Sunday Afternoon

On Sunday my dear husband Eric decided it was a perfect day for a family walk through the woods. I hesitated at first but thought he was right, we should get some exercise and fresh air. The walk was not easy but felt good afterwards. The snow in some areas came to my knees, I would walk a few steps then all of a sudden down a sank (this reminds of the time I was 7+ months pregnant with Ethan and Eric thought it would be good to take a walk through the snow in the woods in January. I'm surprised I didn't have Ethan that day!). When we returned from our walk we decided to check out the trampoline, Eric and the kids started to clean off the snow and jump, the net is down so we had to be careful . All of us had fun jumping, it seemed bouncer then before. Oh, how we can't wait for spring!

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