Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine Goodies

The kids got lots of goodies from their classmates.......

I use to love exchanging Valentine's Day cards when I was little. It was so exciting to receive cards from a special friend (or boy). Oh, and the Candy Hearts, didn't you just love getting a box and reading all of the sentiments like BE MINE...XO...COOL...KISSES. It was so much fun.
These days I get excited when I get Flowers, Chocolates and a Movie..........
a beautiful orchid (one of my favorites)

I woke up to all of these wonderful things. Eric went to work before I got up and when he got home I had to leave for work (it was VERY busy) so we haven't had a chance to celebrate yet. Tonight we will watch my new movie (Eric's willing to watch it with me again, since we've both seen it already) and we will eat lots of chocolate together since I got Eric dark chocolate too!
Oh, and I got the perfect card.

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