Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Blue and The Gold Banquet

Today was the Scouts Blue and Gold Banquet. The Wolves
earned their badges for finishing all 12 achievements.

There was a contest for the Best Decorated Cake and for
Best Tasting. I didn't have time to make a cake with Ethan
so Eric said he would make his famous Jello Applesauce Cake
to bring for a dessert with Ethan, we didn't plan to enter into
the contest but others said to so we did and to our surprise
Eric and Ethan's Cake Won the Best Tasting Cake. Ethan
and Eric were very excited (Eric was beaming, it was so cute!)

Making of the Best Tasting Cake

The Jello Applesauce Layer Cake

Mix Small Box of Jello with Applesauce
Layer Graham Crackers in a dish
Spread Jello and Applesauce mix on top of Crackers
Repeat layering crackers with mix until mix is gone
(end with Graham Crackers on top )
Frost with Cool Whip and chill for 1 hour

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