Monday, March 23, 2009


There is nothing like a new box of Crayons! Since Audrey
draws and colors soooo.... much I thought it was time for some
new ones. A box of 120 wonderfully CoLorFuL Crayons!
I just love the smell when opening the box. It's amazing how
a smell can bring you back 25+ years. I'm sure most of you
can relate.

I was reading some of the names of the colors and I don't
remember 25+ years ago so many unique names. I found
myself reading through the box, here are a few:

Tickle Me Pink
Piggy Pink
Robin's Egg Blue

Fuzzy Wuzzy (how funny is this?!?!?)
Radical Red
Eggplant, Almond, Asparagus and
Macaroni and Cheese
(what happen to purple, yellow, green and orange?)
Blue Belt


Those are just a few of the fun names. The one I thought was most interesting was Mahogany. When I hear this color, I think furniture and decorating.

My Favorite colors are all of those wonderful GREENS

Oh, and how do you say Crayon? cray-on or cran?

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