Sunday, March 29, 2009

A few good thoughts

I found this list on this blog and thought it was worth sharing.

bEinG HaPpY dOeSn'T mEaN tHaT EvErYtHiNg iS pErFeCt...iT MeAnS ThAt yOu'Ve dEciDeD tO LoOk BeYoNd tHe iMpErFeCtiOnS. (love this)

rEmEmBeR ThAt nOt gEtTiNg WhAt YoU wAnT iS SoMeTiMeS A wOnDeRfUL sTrOkE Of LuCk.

ThErE'S nO HaLf-SiNGiNg iN ThE ShOwEr...YoU aRe EiThEr a RoCk sTaR oR aN OpErA DiVa.

LiFe iSn'T aBoUt SuRViViNg ThE sToRmS, bUt hOw tO DaNcE iN ThE rAiN.

wHeN yOu StUmBLe...mAkE iT pArT oF tHe DaNcE!!!! (good idea)

wHaT iF tHe HoKeY pOkEy rEaLLy iS WhAt iT's aLL aBoUt?!?

ToUcH yOuR tOeS, tOuCh yOuR ToEs AnD WiSh yOu'd SkiPpEd ThOsE oReO's!!!

wHeN yOu LoSe, dOn'T LoSe tHe LeSsOn!!

SiLeNcE iS sOmEtiMeS tHe bEsT AnSwEr. (I need to work on this)

bE KiNdEr ThAn NeCeSsArY fOr EvErYoNe YoU mEeT iS FiGhTiNg SoMe KiNd Of BaTtLe.

WhEn PeOpLe ShOw YoU wHo ThEy ArE...BeLiEvE ThEm tHe FiRsT TiMe.

WhErE tHeRe iS LoVe, tHeRe iS pAiN. (so true!)

LiFe iS siMpLe, BuT iT's NoT eAsY!!

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