Thursday, March 26, 2009

Great way to Savings

Aren't these cute? My Sister in Law sent them to the kids from Colorado. Check out her blog Lovin Life . I Love how they have the three departments for Saving, Donating and Spending. Ethan of course loves the opening for spend, he seems to think any money he has will burn a whole in his pocket. Audrey on the other hand doesn't care about money, don't get me wrong she likes to buy things but if she has money she doesn't think about what she's going to buy and when she can spend it. Ethan is always doing some kind of calculating in his head. He does think of others though, he recently wanted to give his 200.00 (from christmas) to the ASPCA . What a sweetie!
Thanks Laura! The kids will stuff these little piggy's full!

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Anonymous said...

Enjoying your blog and pictures! I'm Laura's sister Margie, and I think we must all agree:
That the Hokey Pokey can't possibly be what it's all about!
Thanks! Be well!