Monday, April 13, 2009

Baskets and Bunnies

5:45 AM
yes, this is when our Easter morning began.
Ethan came into our room to tell us that he had to go to the bathroom, this is coming from a kid who hasn't got up to go to the bathroom since he was 3 except for Christmas morning and now Easter.

I had decided to hide Audrey's Easter Basket in the bathtub with the shower curtain up just a little, well when Ethan went to the bathroom he saw it and had to go tell her. I heard them discussing the basket and then into the bathroom the two of them went. They didn't touch it but thought they better come tell me about it at 5:45am. I told them they could take it out and Ethan could start to look for his. It took him awhile since it was hid in a closet. Audrey of course was trying to help him. It was so cute to listen to them discussing and working together on where the basket could be. Treasured memories for sure. Once they both found their baskets, I decided I should roll out of bed to share the excitement and take a few snapshots. Did I mention that I went to bed at 1:ooam and it was 6:00am?

Audrey's basket had a Littlest Pet Shop stuffed Cat, a scuba diving Barbie, a jump rope and bubbles and of course a chocolate bunny, Peeps and jelly beans.
Ethan's basket had a Star Wars Lego Set, Squirt guns, Pokemon and Star Wars cards, a chocolate bunny, Peeps and jelly beans.
After a few pictures and showing me all the fun stuff they got, I got back in bed. I was hoping to get a few more hours of sleep but then they noticed the eggs outside and started bugging Eric and I to go out for the easter egg hunt. We told them it was too cold and they would have to wait until it warmed up. That lasted about an hour , I then told them not to bother us until 9:00am. Right at 9:00am Ethan woke us up.
They Egg Hunt started at 10:00am ,after Eric had his coffee. It was so windy out which made it quite chilly but the kids didn't mind. Ethan was running around as if his pants were on fire. Audrey likes to enjoy the moment and takes her time. Since Ethan was so fast he was good about leaving some for Audrey, he would tell her "Audrey here's a pink one for you over here". I just love how they come together and work together during these times.

After our house we headed over to Nannie Wizza's house for more eggs. Then into her house to
open all the eggs. They got lots of mini chocolates, 50cent pieces, 1.00 coins and other change.

Later, Nannie Bev and PaPa Dale came and we went to eat with Nannie Wizza, PaPa Marv and Aunt Heather. The kids got to see the Easter Bunny. Ethan kept telling me "that's not a Easter Bunny custome that's Thumper from Bambi" . Audrey was a little shy.

We had a fun filled day and were all pretty tired at the end of the day.

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