Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bar Harbor Mini Getaway

Last Weekend we went to Bar Harbor for two nights. We stayed at the Bluenose Inn (below) which was very nice. The room was very spacious and the view was beautiful! There are so many things to do and lots to see in Bar Harbor (weather permitting) it's a great place to vacation. We drove up to Cadillac Mountain but the fog was so thick you couldn't see a thing but when the weather is good it's absolutely breath taking.

Since the weather wasn't very good (the sun didn't shine during our visit, not even a minute) we spent lots of time eating good food. Our favorite place was the Two Cats Coffee House, our breakfast was wonderful.

We also spent lots of time in the pool and hot tub. The kids couldn't get enough of the pool. This was their favorite place. They would have spent the whole time in it if we let them.

I love Audrey's Blue eyes in these pictures.
Ethan is like me, he loves hot, hot water . He would go from the pool to the hot tub.

Eric had lots of fun with the kids in the pool. They love all of the goofy things he would do, like standing on his head in the pool and getting water up his nose. Silly guy.

Father's Day Dinner was at Route 66 Restaurant. Cool place but the food wasn't anything special. It was full of fun things to look at. The kids liked playing I spy while waiting for our food.

On our way home we took Route 1 (coastal route)and stopped at Searsport State Park and walked along the rocky ocean. It was a fun getaway. Audrey said 2 nights was too short and she didn't want it to end. I love how kids love going to stay at a hotel. If it was up to them we would have stayed there at the hotel the whole time. When I was a kid, I loved it too. That was always the best part of any trip.

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