Monday, June 1, 2009

Lovely June

10 things I love about

1. The weather is just right. Warm Days and Cool nights.
2. School for the kids is almost over. No early mornings rushing around. Yippee!
3. I love that everything is GREEN (The hot Sun hasn't burnt the grass yet).
4. Strawberry Season
5. Ice Tea and Popsicles
6. Long Days. Sunrises by 5am and sets around 8pm.
7. Family vacation begins at the end of the month.
8. Day trips with the kids
9. Beautiful flowers
10. Bare feet and painted toenails.

1 comment:

Wrighty said...

This is the perfect summer list! Perfect! I love every single thing on it. I saw my first fireflies last night so it's really the start of summer. Yay!