Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Meet Wingnut and Marshmallow

Fun Reusable bags for the kiddos
I just got a bag for each of the kids to carry their things from her to there and back again. I thought they would be great for the beach, a visit to a friends and so much more. What's so great about them is that they fold up small, weigh nothing and have a snap to keep them folded when there empty so they can fit in a pocket or purse (which I love, now there is no excuse for not having your own bag with you). There waterproof too! Oh, and aren't they adorable. !??!?
Here's Wingnut and Marshmallow

And, for me...........these.....

I'm all about ditching the use of all those silly plastic bags. Check out envirosax. With our order they sent us a free 4 minute shower timer. I thought this was great for the kids, as for me a 4 minute shower may not happen but I will work on it since I have a timer now. I just love a long Hot shower, it's my time to relax and have a moment to myself.

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