Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Birthday Wishes

HappY BirtHday Big Sis!

Can you believe this picture was from 25 years ago?
You look so cute and still do!

Thank you for being such a great person!

A Big Sister who helped raise their younger brother and sister
(who were perfect angels, of course!).

A Big Sister who saved her little sisters life a few times; once when she was jumping on the bed and her neck got caught in the curtain string, another time when she told everyone she could swim and a big kid pushed her into the pool and she sank to the bottom and I'm sure there is more but I think sharing those is enough!

A big Sister who loved sharing a room for a few years with her little sister who was 5 years younger whom wasn't so neat. (WOW, you are a super hero!).

A big Sister who never complains about having MS and appreciates each and everyday!

And, two things that always make me think of you;
POPCORN and the light of a clock on the wall at night
(your secret is safe with me!)

Happy Birthday Boogie!

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