Sunday, July 26, 2009

Latley .............

Ethan 8 years old
1. You can't get enough of Transformers. You saw the movie with Daddy which was 2 hours and 40 minutes. You went without a bathroom break after drinking a big lemonade, you couldn't miss a second.
2. You love riding your bike and have been practicing doing pop-a-wheelies.
3. Reading you enjoy. You recently read "Who was Mark Twain" and enjoyed it very much, you are now reading "Who was JFK". You enjoy anything to do with History.
4. Legos, Legos. Legos. You love putting legos together and playing with them. You look at the catalogs so much there falling apart.
5. Your favorite cereal is anything with cinnamon.5. Some of your favorite foods and snacks are: 6. Chicken burgers, hot spicy buffalo wing nibbles, Goldfish, Hummus with Crackers and type of junk food.
7. You've discovered that you absolutely love Rootbeer and Orange soda but are only aloud to have it on a special occasion which makes you feel deprived.
8. Unlike most 8 year old boys you like to watch the shows "Cash in the Attic" and "If Walls Could Talk" on HG TV, I guess it's because you like old things like your Pa Pa.
9. Like your Mother, you love a HOT shower and bath.
10. You are a super fast runner and it seems like you could run all day long with out running out of breath.
11. You love to explore and find things, you especially love OLD things.
12. You want to save EVERYTHING, you are quite the pack rat.

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