Monday, November 9, 2009

Today's Question over at Amber's Blog is
"What is your Favorite Candle/Scent?"
This is easy for me,
Apple Cinnamon

I also love Pumpkin Spice and Vanilla .
I'm looking forward to picking out a new scent for Christmas. And, I'm thinking it may be "North Pole" from Yankee Candles

What's your favorite scent?

It's time for me to go light a candle or two...................Happy Monday!


Divine Mrs D said...

Ooooo. North Pole? I've never smelled that one. Does it smell like peppermint or old beards? Just kidding!

I do love all their apple cinnamon ones. :)

Happy FMM!

Amy said...

Happy Monday... I love baby powder and pumpkin spice for sure...

Shelly said...

I haven't smelled the North Pole one yet. Looks good!

Christina said...

So many new scents I am discovering. I may have a hard time choosing.
Happy FMM