Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I can't believe it's 2000.....Ten, it's sounds crazy to me. I keep wondering where the last 10 years went. It seems just like yesterday that everyone was freaked out about Y2K, people stock piled food and water, businesses worried about computers crashing, pretty funny thinking back about it! Anyway......

I've been thinking about my word for the year for a few weeks now, actually I should say months but didn't realize it. It's funny how the obvious is right in front of our face sometimes. I've been talking with my husband about this word for months it seems. My word is DISCIPLINE.  Something I need a lot more of it seems. I'm always trying to do to many things and don't really accomplish anything. I do work outside of my home which takes quite a bit of time away from home , I also try to be part of my kids activities (I'm a scout leader, how I got into that I'm still not sure) and I also want to do the things I love and of course throw in all the daily cleaning, laundry and everything else that's apart of everyone's daily life! Along with my word comes a few New Years Resolutions (something I don't usually do, but it all comes with the word) So.........here are a few, yes only a few , the big ones!

1.  Get up 15 minutes earlier to help get the kids and hubby out of the house without yelling (the yelling part may not be so easy, but I'm hoping with the extra 15mins it will allow us to relax a bit more)

2. Spend less time on the computer!

3. Set goals to get small and big projects done!

4. Read more!!! (Books, that is)

5. Spend more quality time with Eric (my husband)

6. Do the wii fit now that we have one, no excuses!


7.  GO TO BED Earlier than 11:30 at night so I can get up 15 mins earlier in the morning.

Happy January Everyone and I wish you all well with your New Year's Resolutions! 


Amy said...

Great goals. I want a Wii. Some day. I would love for you to stop by on Friday 1/8 and share your recipe for a snowman and your yummy drink.. Have a great day.

Kathy said...

great list of goals - I have many similar goals as you do this year.

and I love your new background and header - very cute!

Sarah said...

Great list, Bonnnie! I made the Thrifty365 Pledge for 2010.

Thanks for visiting my blog! I loved Patrick Swayze and he'll always be Orry Main to me. :)