Sunday, January 3, 2010

Recipe for a Snowman

"Our Snowmen"
He lasted less than an hour due to the rain and warmer temps.  He was cute while he lasted! 

1 Generous Helping of Wet Packing Snow
1/4 Cup of Round Nuts in the Shell
2 Larger Nuts
1 Large Carrot
2 Gloves or Mittens
1 Old Hat
2 Fallen Branches
1-4 Well Bundled Children
2 Scoops of Imagination
1 Dash of Good Humor
May substitute or add any of the following
Ear Muffins
Pine Cones
Makes one serving.
May last for several days

Preheat a winter's day to 32 degrees or lower

Firmly pack a ball of snow between your two hands and place upon the ground.  Continue to roll on snow covered ground until ball agthers enough snow to measure about three feet.  This will form the base of your snowmen.
Roll and shape two additional snowballs.  The first will be approximately one foot in diameter and the second will be two feet.  Place the second largest ball on the top of the base.  The smallest is the head and goes on top.
Press in the smaller nuts to form the teeth.  To give the snowman a smile, nuts should be placed higher on the outer corners of mouth.  Center a carrot above the mouth for the nose.  Oush in the larger end with pointed end out.  The two largest nuts form the eyes and are to be placed above the carrot nose.
Attach fallen branches to the middle ball of snow on either dise for the arms.  Add gloves or mittens on the ends of the sticks.  Top him off with an old hat and sprinkle with laughter.  Toss in a  brief snowball fight for excitement.  Garnish with seeds on top or hat and scatter corn around the snowman for additional enjoyment.
Followed by a cup of Hot Chocolate with mini Marshmallows!


Laura said...

Great pic of you three with Snowguy!

Diane {} said...

My kids would just LOVE to see this much snow and make an actual snowman :)
Your blog is great, I can't wait to read more!