Wednesday, February 3, 2010

All About Me Continued...

I'm making this my Thursday Thirteen too, since I have 13 things about me listed (Yes I cheated a little , I included the three shows listed separately to make it 13)

More Favorites Continued...
Although you may not have an "absolute favorite", answer the following questions spontaneously.  The best answer will be the first thought that comes to mind!  Have Fun! 

An Actress whose performances you admire 
 Meryl Streep (Classic)
An Actor whose performances you admire
Mel Gibson, he has done so many amazing movies

A TV show you watch regularly
Biggest Loser / Nip Tuck / Grey's Anatomy

An Artist whose work you highly respect
I'm not really into art enough to know names or at least I can't think of one from the top of my head.

A piece of clothing you love to wear
Long Sleeved Cotton Tees from Target

A monument you would like to have a view from your bedroom
I had to pick a Natural Monument because I don't think I could handle anything else.
 Niagara Falls

Your favorite time of day
This is the time of day when things slow down and I can start to relax and enjoy my family

Your favorite place to sit at home
My  (I mean "our" ) glider, I love this chair so much.  It was a gift from my parents when my first was born (almost 9 years ago).  It's rock solid after hours and hours of rocking.
Lots of memories in that chair.

What you most like to do on Sunday
I work Saturday night so I love to sleep in on Sunday mornings and I love having a family day!
Your Motto
"Do  your Best"  (Hey, I'm  a cub scout leader)

And, don't forget to join the fun every Wednesday!  I would love the know more about you!


Heather @ Sugar N Spice Mostly Nice said...

Love Grey's too...hmmmmmm Mc Steamy...yum!

Ashley said...

This was a lot of fun!

Laura said...

Loved when we were all at Niagara Falls together!!! Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane :-)

Diane {} said...

Great List!

Sassy Brit said...

What a great idea, fav things - there will always be plenty to talk about. ~Good questions. Will have to try this! LOL

Here is mine – 13 Best novel first lines!

Beyond You said...

I love Mery Streep too! And agree with your motto!

Adelle Laudan said...

Fun list and Meryl is one of my all time fav actresses. Happy T13!