Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to My One and Only.......

Happy Birthday Eric! 
Eric and I have been together for 21 years and married for 13. It's amazing to think of all the birthday's that we've celebrated together. Most with Family, an occasional wrong gift (a fancy watch I got him for his 25th birthday, he totally hated it! He was too nice to come out and say it but I could tell, so we exchanged it for a less fancy one) and he's always polite when he receives golf balls every year!
He always reminds me that Birthday's are for kids and I say "that's why you like them so much?!?!" I think his favorite thing is the cake (his weakness). Eric tries to eat healthy by skipping the cakes, cookies and ice-cream but for his birthday he actually eats it right up (except for the ice-cream). Speaking of Cake....... I guess I should go makeone!
Hears to another birthday together! Love you!

Last years list updated
40  41 Random Things about Eric (added to last years list)
Red Sox Fan since childhood
Doesn’t Eat Pork
Has to have coffee when waking up
Only wears black sneakers
Drives kids to school 4 mornings a week
Drives the speed limit
Favorite Reality Show – Biggest Loser
Doesn’t like sand but likes going to the ocean and jumping in the waves
Favorite Actor – Paul Newman
Plays Suduko before going to bed
When waking the kids in the morning he yells “LETS ROCK” until the kids are out of bed
Animal Lover
Smoothee Maker
Cat liter changer
Couldn’t live without peanut butter, eats it everyday with honey or jelly
Takes vitamins and fish oil everyday
Doesn’t like hot water for a shower or bath
Works out 3 times a week at the YMCA
Sleeps on the right side of the bed
Use disposable shavers
Believes Christmas is for kids
Miami Dolphins Fan
Reads American Girl to Audrey every night
Listens to 60, 70, 80’s Music
Uses a MP3 player
Loves Summer and HOT weather
Enjoys Bathroom Humor
Scared of snakes
Would Golf and Bowl every week if he could
Plays WII sports, favorite game baseball Bowling
Owns a ton of t-shirts
Is always willing to try new healthy foods
Eats Paul Newman’s Tender White Popcorn with added olive oil and garlic Now he pops his own !Listens to am radio
Has a weakness for sweets; whoopee pies, cake anything with cream (Does have excellent control not to eat it)
Loves to tell stories of the past
Loves to pop baseballs into the air
Doesn’t use a wallet
Doesn’t drink soda
Sunday Mornings spends a few hours on the computer (during the week very little)

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Heather @ Sugar N Spice Mostly Nice said...

OK seriously, if you have celebrated 21 birthdays together how old were you when you started dating, like 10?! You guys look so young!

Happy Birthday!