Monday, March 1, 2010

Question for the week: What's YOUR personal decorating style?
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Sproost says my interior design style is:

33% Traditional Country
33% Classic
34% Wine Country Style

 I'd have to agree they are pretty right on , all I need to do to make these rooms perfect is to throw a few pets, toys and blankets into them, along with the kids and hubby!
I love the green room below!  I don't think I would dare do a green room but I love looking at it.  Green is my favorite color!

Traditional Country

Even if your backyard isn't acres of farmland and you don't actually have a chicken coop, your house sure brings you back to a time when that was the case. You love spaces that feel casual and lived in. Furniture is practical and comfortable, and yet at the same time its very stylish. The best part of country style is how much it highlights collection and found objects. Antiques here, garage sale finds there and Aunt Milly's hand-me-downs throughout. Unique items that used to serve very practical purposes are now on display, and their history seems to permeate the home. Each space in the home seems to invite friends and family to come in and stay a while. There is a true sense of home felt throughout.


When it comes to materials in Traditional Country homes, think rustic, warm and comfortable. Wood or natural tile floors, natural or painted wood tables and chairs, and natural materials on the soft furnishings. Stripes, plaids and florals are popular and often all are mixed in one room. Soft vintage leather and suede are common and wrought and rusty iron also reinforce the rustic nature of the rooms. Large wood pieces of furniture are very common, and help manage storage throughout the home. Wallpaper is very popular and most often highlights floral patterns. For traditional country, the concept of minimalism is avoided at all cost. It's the collections that give the space character and reinforce the lived-in nature of the spaces.


For color, spaces can go either bright and airy or soft and muted. Think of the countryside in spring and summer with yellows, bright greens and blues. Or you can go for more of a fall country day, and go a bit darker but still stay in the earth tones. Dark browns, reds and greens. Either direction you go in, be it light or dark, the key is warmth. Traditional country rooms rarely, if ever, feel cold.

Happy Monday!


Christina said...

Happy FMM I am with you that green room makes me so Happy!

Krystal said...

The green room, I can't decide if I LOVE it or HATE it -- Green is my favorite color though! Happy FMM! :)

♥Amber Filkins♥ said...

That style is pretty! I love the green room, but think the couches should be white. Don't you love how white looks, but how it would be SOOO impractical with kids?? lol I know you can wash the slipcovers, but I'd literally have to do that everyday.

The last pic is my fave. :)

Happy Monday!

♥Amber Filkins♥ said...

Did you enter my giveaway yet? It ends tonight!

Heather @ Sugar N Spice Mostly Nice said...

Love the scrolly arms on the chair in the last picture!

Happy FMM!!

jackie said...

Happy FMM! I really love the look of the second picture, but the last one looks so comfy!

Miki said...

Happy FMM! With the emphasis on warmth, your home must be an inviting place! Miki

Katie Lane said...

I took the test 10 times and I never got Classic or Wine Country, hehe. Happy FFM!!

Mommyof2girlz said...

Happy FMM. My percentages are just like yours only with different Guess we like a little bit of everything :)

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

I love that first room! Love it! Love your blog too! Happy FMM! :)

Sara said...

Thanks for visiting. I love the second pic,so warm and cheerful
Have a wonderful week