Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!


We carved pumpkinis on wednesday while it poured outside.  Ethan is a huge Red Sox fan so of course he picked that theme for his pumpkin (Side note: Soooo happy the Rangers kicked the Yankees "you know what", hoping they go all the way!) .  Audery picked a cute happy face., she worked so hard, she was determined to do it by herself, she did need a little help but mostly done by her. 

This morning, Halloween morning we woke up to this!

The kids had great fun playing in the white stuff. It was wet so they made these HUGE snowballs.

Tonight it will be cold but the snow will hopefully be gone so that can get lots of yummy treats!
Have fun everyone!  

Monday, October 18, 2010

miscellany monday

1.   sunday was a great day!  it was beautiful outside.......sunny and 60.  we went to eat at Big G's; they have great big sandwiches on great big homemade bread.  so yummy.  afterwards our 9 year old son and 7 year old daughter begged for us to take them to the antique mall, yes a antique store (my kids aren't the norm, they love old stuff and love to find a good find.  this started with their grandfather (my dad) taking them for the day ever since they were super little to antique stores.)  
    while miss audrey and i were walking around through the aisles, she notices this phone and say's "how do use that phone?"  first off we had a phone just like that when i was her age....and it's now in a antique store...YIKES!  it's funny how i find myself saying "we didn't have that when we were kids"'s, 100's of cartoons to choose from , cell phones, and so on.   
    the kids ended up getting a few things.....ethan got some old "who is who in baseball" books from the 80's and miss audrey got some screw on earrings since her ears aren't pierced yet (i'm waiting until she begs me to have them done).  

2.  i'm sitting at my messy desk thinking i should water my fica plant since it's been around 2 or so weeks since she was watered.  this is why i have one plant.

3.  i just spent over an hour trying to put a set of children's books on ebay and couldn't figure out the shipping part so i didn't finish and now i'm feeling frustrated that i wasted so much time trying!!!!

4.  i'm still thinking about the great time i had seeing jason mraz perform in september.  he was so awesome and i got some great pics (scroll down to see). 

5.  have a great monday everyone!   

Saturday, October 16, 2010

at this moment.....

outside my's wet.  it's been raining since yesterday.  the trees are, orange, yellow and green.  love it!

i am thinking.....i haven't accomplished much today, i think it's the weather.

i am thankful family(of course) and the beautiful colors outside and my mattress warming pad (this is my first time having one and i absolutely love it) 

from my kitchen.....i smell a fresh pot of coffee.  i just enjoyed my first cup of the day.

i am wearing....gray sweat pants and a green t-shirt, i'm very comfy.

i am creating....nothing at the moment. i just ordered a few things to start my december daily, so i will be soon.

i am rest my body today.  i over did it this week and now need to recoup.

i am reading....dewey.  simple reading but good.  i grew up with lots of cats and now have three so it's enjoyable to read. 

i am hoping....tomorrow is a beautiful day so we can get things done outside.

i am hearing....alvin and the chipmunks music from my 7 year olds netbook.

around the house....everyone (including the animals) seem to be taking it easy.  i guess the rain does that to us.

one of my favorite things....paper.  i love all kinds of paper...stationary to scrapbooking paper to postcards to wrapping paper.

a few plans for the next week.....are to get things organized for winter.  finish putting away summer things, getting out the winter hats and boots and declutter, making room for  christmas presents.  yes, it's early but before you no it's here.

a picture to having fun with my daughters halloween glasses. i'm trying to take more pics of myself.  it's not always easy but it's something i hope my kids will appreciate when they get older.  they actually grinned when they saw this pic of me.

have a fun day and take a fun pic of yourself!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Friday Fill Ins

1. My favorite month is _____September because _____it's like the beginning of a new year; school starts, cool nights arrive after hot summer days, apple picking and so much more .

2. I Love_____ a fresh breeze.

3. I love to sniff _____food, especially foods with lots of spices.

4. Cheese Danish_____ is what I like to have as a treat for breakfast.

5. The hobby I enjoy most is _____scrapbooking!!!!!!!!

6. My upcoming Sunday_____ oh my!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _____a good night sleep, tomorrow my plans include _____horseback riding for my daughter, work and Sunday, I want to _____make it through a CRAZY day.  Please say a prayer for me......I'm working at the Bangor Waterfront Concerts, serving 12, 000 young drunk people while listening to Godsmack and other heavy metal bands for 13 hours! It should be an interesting day!!!!! 

Have a Happy and Fun and Relaxing weekend!!!!!! 
 Happy Friday!