Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!


We carved pumpkinis on wednesday while it poured outside.  Ethan is a huge Red Sox fan so of course he picked that theme for his pumpkin (Side note: Soooo happy the Rangers kicked the Yankees "you know what", hoping they go all the way!) .  Audery picked a cute happy face., she worked so hard, she was determined to do it by herself, she did need a little help but mostly done by her. 

This morning, Halloween morning we woke up to this!

The kids had great fun playing in the white stuff. It was wet so they made these HUGE snowballs.

Tonight it will be cold but the snow will hopefully be gone so that can get lots of yummy treats!
Have fun everyone!  


Alli said...

Snow?! Too cute pumpkins by the way. Happy Halloween!

Angie said...

Wow, snow on Halloween...hope you had a wonderful time. The pumpkins are so cute!!!

Go Rangers!

Laura said...

Great pics! No snow here - infact it's sunny and 60!

Brenda said...

They are too cute!