Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Being Thankful

Finding Joy | The ABC's of Thanks

I love Thanksgiving! I love that it has nothing to do with gifts or candy!  It's all about family and being thankful!  I'm thankful for so many things that I've decided to join Rachel's "ABC of Thanks" at finding joy

a) AUDREY - thankful for our little miss muffet who keeps me going with her attitude.......sometimes sweet as pie and other times full of sass!

b) BOOKS - thankful for the books that pile up because my kids love to read.  i don't read my own books everyday but I do love books.  i have been big on building a library for our kids and have read to them from the beginning.  it has paid off...they love to read. 

c) COFFEE - thankful for hot coffee. there is nothing like a cup of coffee mid day when i'm feeling like i need a little pick me up.
d) DAD - thankful for an easy going, thoughtful, ethical, dad that raised me well.  he's not just a great dad but a great grandfather too. thanks dad!
e) ETHAN - thankful for our E-Man, my first born. what a great kid he can be, we were recently told by his 4th grade teacher that she wishes she could clone him. what a wonderful compliment to hear!   

f) FAMILY - thankful for my family that i can't get enough of.  who knew this would be the best part of my life!
g) GRANDPARENTS - thankful for my wonderful grandparents that have given me such wonderful memories that i will cherish forever and for my kids grandparents that are giving them wonderful memories to cherish. 
h) HUSBAND - thankful for eric who is a great guy who takes great pride in his health.....he has such determination to stay fit and eat right (wishing i was more like him).  he is an awesome basketball coach for my son's team and most of all a great father.  
i) IBUPROFEN - thankful for iburophen that helped me get through the pain of a very bad twisted ankle. 
j) JASON MRAZ - thankful for having seen him live this past september... what a great thrill!
k) KITTY CATS-  thankful for our  3 of kitty cats that have been part of our family for 12 and 13 years.
l) LAUNDRY - thankful for the laundry that never ends because it means we have clean clothes to wear everyday!
m) MOMS - thankful for moms.  my mom, my stepmom, my mother-n-law, all moms.  moms are what makes this world go around or at least keeps everyone in order!
n) NIECES and NEPHEWS - thankful for the fun these kids give us and eachother.
o) OCEAN - thankful for the ocean that brings so much joy!  the ocean is one of my favorite places ever!
p) PAPER - thankful for paper that allows us to do so much! 
q) QUILTS -  thankful for the warm beautiful quilts my mother-n-law has made for us and the kids to snuggle with.
r) REST - thankful that our bodies rest to give us energy to start over the next day.
s) SCRATCHES - thankful for the scratches on the door molding because we have dogs that can't wait to see us when we come home.

t) TERRY and TOM - thankful for my sister and brother who have filled the part perfectly!  
u) UGLY CEILING - thankful for my ugly ceiling because it means i have a roof over my head. 
v) VEST - thankful for my vest that i wear everyday that keeps me cozy when going from place to place.
w) WATER - thankful for the plentifulness of clean, fresh water we have.....to drink, to bath, to wash with and so on .
x) XEOPENEX - thankful for the xeopenex that has helped my son with his cold induced asthma.
y) YARN - thankful for yarn that creates such cute and warm things.

( unfortunately not created by me)

z) ZIPPERS - thankful for zippers that make life a bit easier for us!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Enjoy this wonderful day with your family!



Rachel said...

I love your list!

It has been so encouraging for me to read these lists and read how we are blessed.

Some of my faves on your list? Water, Yarn and of course, Coffee.

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving and THANK YOU for linking up.


Laura said...

...a great list, Bonnie! and we are thankful for you guys!!!

Lea said...

Great list and what precious children and I do love the hat and scarf. This has been such fun to read everyone's list. Blessings for a beautiful day tomorrow.

Lindy said...

Great list. I put the same thing for Y. Have a great thanksgiving. I stopped over from Rachel's!

Anonymous said...

These are great. What a good idea to include pictures. I didn't even think of that. Ha ha! Love your ugly ceiling, but so true.

Stacy P. said...

Hey Bonnie!
Hope you're having a super Thanksgiving...we ate, watched football and now, while in a food coma, i'm trying to do some online shopping. (say, that would have been a good "o" word!)

Love reading your blog. I feel we're kindred spirits. :)

Happy days to you-