Monday, November 8, 2010

miscellany monday

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todays random thoughts..........

1.  wishing i had more of an organized brain! i'm all over the place with thoughts and things i want to do, if it was more organized maybe things wouldn't be so haywire inside this noodle of mine! eeks!

2. i've really surprised myself!  i actually made these super cute rosettes.  i'm a wanna be crafter and things don't come easy for me so i'm thrilled i actually was able to make them.  even my miss audrey joined me in making some.  check out her cute headband. 
(i will post more on the making of my rosettes in a few days)  

3.  every time audrey goes to her horseback riding lesson i'm in ahhh in how fearless she is.  she doesn't seem to think twice about walking behind a horse...YIKES!  every time i see her do this i cringe.  the trainer tells her not to but she doesn't seem to get it.  hopefully she won't have to learn the hard way!

4.  this is what accumulates in my sons bed under the sheets.  when he's low know socks we no where to look!  (he takes after his mom).  

5.  i'm proud of my husband who has taken on the job of coaching basketball to the 3rd and 4th graders......12 boys.  this won't be an easy job but i'm sure it will have some amazing moments to make it all worth it.  plus, he loves sports, playing sports and playing with our son so it should be a good thing!  hopefully the parents will behave!!!!

6.  this time change thing is messing me up but happy to have had this extra hour in my day!  

7. and,  it's a wild morning here....rain, rain and more rain along with strong wild winds.
have a great monday! 


Stacy P. said...

so those socks...i htink they're the ones we're missing over here. :)

Lea said...

You tickled me saying "hopefully the parents will behave." Isn't that the truth! Never had understood "some" parents reaction to their children and sports. After all, it really is just a game. :o)

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week!

partialemptynester said...

haha, you have that's not the kids your hubby will have to worry about, it'll be the parents, lol!!!!!
Love the rosettes, crafts with a daughter, so fun, darling headband!
The socks crack me up!