Monday, November 22, 2010

miscellany monday

 join along for miscellany monday

1. jumping fun - oh, to be seven again!  having so much fun without any worries.  why can't life stay that way.

2. too funny - tonight hubby and i watch "grown ups"  i laughed so hard that tears ran down my face.  those group of guys are too funny.  it feels so good to have a laugh that hard!

3. envirosax -  one of my favorite things....... i love, love, love these bags.  they are so handy, they roll up so you can keep them in your purse.  i don't use them for groceries but for other shopping.  i also use them to carrying things from here to there.  they have so many cute styles to choose from too!

4.  diary of a wimpy kid - so my son has 
read the series "diary of a wimpy kid" (any of you who have young boys, you know the books). last year i took him to see the movie and after watching it i decided to read the books.   they are so worth reading...lots and lots of laughs which is always a good thing. 

 the other night while reading the lasted book i  laughed so hard my husband thought i was crying. i was reading this part of the book:

page 64 (in the newest book)  
this is so my husband and son at the kitchen table......too funny (not at the time, of course).  any parent knows helping a child with math isn't easy these days.  if your child has these them!!!  it makes me see how our kids view us as parents.  we are too funny! 

have a wonderful monday!  


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Hannah said...

LOL, when I read that part from the book I was laughing so hard that was to cute! I will have to check the books out!
And yes being seven again with not a care in the world would be wonderful, also to be able to jump on a tramplene and not get totally worn out after a few minutes would be nice too LOL, it's a workout!