Monday, November 1, 2010

No Tricks....just lots of Treats!

A Jail Bird and A Cat Witch

Audrey was full of excitement...she couldn't wait to go "Trick or Treating".  All day she kept asking  "is it time to get ready yet?"  She loved having the fake lashes put on, along with some make-up. 

Ethan wasn't to sure about getting dressed up and going this year.  At the beginning of the week he almost crushed my world by telling me he wasn't going because he was to big/old (he's NINE!!).  I was in shock when he told me but I stayed calm and told him he is only nine and should enjoy being a kid, so he decided to go.  I think this was his last year.  He thinks he'd like to pass out candy next year. 

It was soooooooooo cold........33 degrees and windy. Brrr!

Love watching the kids getting serious about getting candy. NEXT!

 How cool is this?!?!? A full size R2D2.
 Back home to check out the Loot!  Audrey wouldn't eat any until she got home to see everything she got.  Ethan ate lots on the ride home....he loves his candy.  They sat and chatted about what they got and made a few trades.  

At the end of checking all the loot out it's time to put it into one big bowl to share.  You maybe wondering why they trade when it ends up in one bowl, but believe me, they know there are certain things that are one or the others (plus they usually trade what they don't like anyways)  I've always had them put their candy together (we do it at Easter and Christmas too)  It seems to work out and no one complains.  

That almond joy is looking pretty good.......I'm off to eat some chocolate.  Have a great day!


BundlesofBlossoms said...

Oh my goodness! I hear ya on the chocolate-I have been munching on a bit of everything every time I pass by that big ol' candy bowl of ours, which happens, to be right where I pass by 100 times a day-HA!

Thanks for the follow on my blog:)

I like your blog too, by the way!!!

MostlySunny said...

:) First off--your children are gorgeous!! What sweet faces!....I have an "almost" 9 year old and an "almost" 7 year old....(and a 5 year old and one year old) and my heart nearly broke this year when my oldest son wantedt to hand out candy---he did go trick or treating first--but then wanted to come home to scare people!! ohhhh where does the time go?