Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

13 favorite things right now

1.  my earth shoes
 they are the most comfortable shoes i own.  they are great for anyone with a bad feet like me...high arch and wide foot that cause pain the back and hips. 
2. my miss audrey's giggle

3.  Starbucks Cafe Mocha with soy milk
i could drink one everyday but i only allow myself one a week since it's a bit pricey. 

4. ethan's love for baseball.........even after baseball season has ended.
outside in the rain with a glove and ball.

love these socks, the are soooooo comfy and they seem to last forever

6.  puffs plus
something i've needed a lot of lately!

7. vasline
have to put on my lips daily!

8.  my mattress cover warmer
i can't believe how much i love it.  my husband has always been against having one but since it was a gift he had no choice but to try it.  it has controls on both sides so it seems to be working out well,  he now even turns my side on before i come to bed.

9. my 10 year old robe
now i've tried to replace it but i keep going back to it.  it's not too heavy, it's warm, it's comfortable and i just love it!

10. November
i love that we still have a holiday that doesn't involve candy and toys!  i love that it's about family, being thankful and relaxing at the same time.

11. my eddie bauer black quilted vest
i wear it all the time.  it's so warm and comfortable.
that's jason mraz on stage

12. Jason Mraz

13. dark chocolate

have a wonderful thursday! 

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Angie said...

Those wool socks look so cozy...I need to put socks on, my feet are so cold right now :)

And we are loving puffs plus too right now!

Stacy P. said...

ok- we're kindred spirits. jasno mraz, starbuck's mocha, the vest...and i'm in GA!

have a super weekend...and i'm making the dip. since it uses apples, it's healthy, right?

partialemptynester said...

Love my smartwool socks...only wear them skiing, tho...not real useful for every day Texas weather, no matter how cold it gets, lol!