Wednesday, December 29, 2010

MY WORD for 2011


1. the state, quality, or an instance of being simple.

2. freedom from complexity

This word came easy for me this year.  I've found myself thinking and wanting to do so many brain is a scrambling mess.  I work about 35 hours a week outside my home (work can be stressful for me at times), and I'm a wife and mom of two. I want to do so many things but don't have the time.  At times I feel like I'm all over the place.  I really need to learn to let go of wanting to do so many things…..big or small. 

Recently I picked up my book called "Things Good Mothers Know", it's a book you can read over and over, sections here and there.  This is book that sits on my dresser next to my bed all year long.  When opening up to Chapter 3, "Simplicity: The New Luxury" I paused and really thought about that title.  After thinking I went on to read the chapter.  I've read it every night for the past several nights, wanting it to all sink in. 

It seems that we crowd ourselves with "obligations" and "stuff"   then feel overwhelmed.  We then learn to let go and realize that simplicity is what makes us happy.  Those simple things maybe reading a book to our little ones, a hot bath, a little talk with our pets ( I find myself talking to the animals a lot and always walking away happy).  I find myself enjoying those quiet moments, something that I thought was crazy when I was younger.  I remember being a teenager and asking my stepmother "don't you hate it when it's so quite in the house, don't you want the TV or radio on?!?!?" she replied, "I enjoy the quietness", I walked away thinking she was crazy.  A few years ago when both kids were in school I was folding the laundry, it was quiet, at that moment I knew exactly what my stepmother was talking about.  Would I want quietness all the time...NO way but those moments are simple pleasures after a busy morning getting the kids out the door.

I'm hoping I can stick to my word and try to let things go knowing in the long run I will be happier by simplifying my thoughts and wants.

Check out Ali's Blog for inspiration. I would love to know your word for the year.


Laura said...

Happy New Year to you, Eric, Ethan, and Audrey!!!
Love ya!

Peters said...

Thanks for the comment Bonnie. I love your "Word" post. I could use more "simplicity" around here. Last year I chose the word "Choice" and used an acronym as my goal of the things I wanted to accomplish. You can see it here:
if you want :)
This year I need to not bite off so much. I will keep thinking about it. Thanks for the inspiration.

Leanne said...

Thanks so much for linking up to my Word linky party, Bonnie!!! So lovely to meet YOU, and to read about your word ... which, by the way, is fanTAStic! This year, I'm focusing on "Believe" ... but feel "simplify" or "simplicity" are close by (could even be a runner up for me!) I'm off to look around at more of your blog. Happy 2011 to YOU!!!

Rachel said...

Excellent word. Excellent.

I'll be praying for you as you strive to live with simplicity.

I think I'll be praying about my word today.

Blessings on your New Year!

Miller Racing Family said...

Loved your choice this year. I would have to agree with Simplicity and Contentment. I am going to have to check out the book you talked about. I always love a good Mommy book. I hope you all had a great Christmas and may you have a fabulous 2011!

kami @ said...

I love your word! I need to simplify a lot more this next year.

Thanks for saying Hi, Bonnie!