Friday, December 17, 2010

Pinecone Frame Ornaments

* Pics of the kids are from a couple of Christmases ago, they're growing up way to fast! 

 I love pinecones!  I love that you can decorate with them throughout the winter.  After looking thorough some of my favorite books, Martha Stewart's Holiday books, I found the idea of making pinecone frame ornaments. This was my first attempt to making them,  I know I will get more creative as I try to make more.  Below is what you need to get started, minus the books.  .     

First, you will need to collect pinecones or buy them from your local craft store.  I live in Maine where we have an abundance of  pine and spruce trees to gather pinecones from.  Pictures, cutting tools to trim your picture, scraps of thin cardboard for the backing (cardstock will work fine too) and scissors..  Missing from the photo is my hot glue gun (a must), pliers(something I didn't think I needed) and ribbon to hang the ornament.  And, a few embellishments if you want to add a little bling. 

 First I cut my photo to the size I wanted and then cut a piece of thin cardboard  a bit bigger to create a place to glue my scales to.

Depending on the pinecone, you may need pliers to remove the scales.  It's a bit messy so you may want to lay a plastic bag under your work area.  I didn't do this and ended up with a big mess all over the table and floor.

After removing the scales I then trimmed the bottoms of each  to make it easier to layer the scales. 

I then got my handy dandy glue gun heated up and got ready for the fun part of assembling my frame. I put a thin strip of glue on each scale then  layered them onto the photo frame.  I added my ribbon for hanging.  

Overall I think they came out pretty cute.  I look forward to making more.  

For this frame I used a pinecone from a White Pine Tree. They were easy to work with and only required scissors to cut the scales.

I would love to hear about your creations with pinecones too! 

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!



Stacy P. said...

Love those ornaments! Our pine trees here in GA are anemic- so the pinecones I see come from the craft store. ;)
Cute kids...I think that helps the ornaments come out better, don't you?

have a great weekend.

Peters said...

These are so cute! And your family is too :) They have such beautiful eyes.

MostlySunny said...

Bonnie~those turned out GREAT!!! I love bringing nature indoors! perfect!