Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Every year my husband and I have the same conversation about getting a tree, it goes something like this.... 

Before leaving to get the tree

Husband - I don't want a real big tree this year.  Let's get something smaller.

Me - Why?????

Husband - We don't need a big tree.

Me - Why? ( I then get up and go do something so the conversation ends for now)

At the tree farm

Husband - Why do we need to look for a perfect tree!?!?!

Me - I'm not! 

Husband - I think we should get a smaller one.

Me - Fine Eric, how about tall but narrow.

This is what we ended up with..... a tree that looks like a torpedo and that leans to the left.

Our torpedo tree has fallen twice after being decorated, this was extremely frustrating and very messy! We ended up having to tie a string around it and bolt it into the wall, there are wood pieces in the tree stand trying to push the tree to the right and also some pieces are wedged under the tree stand to help straighten it out. Again, very frustrating!   You see the tree was much taller and we cut it so that it would fit in our home.  What we didn't realize is that it wasn't straight. During our dramas with the tree our Miss Audrey had to point out that she knew this wasn't the tree for us when we were at the tree farm and that we should have listened to her (she's 7)  She doesn't realize that when you are married you have to compromise every so often ( I thought she was too young for this conversation).  I'm hoping my Husband has learned to listen to us girls. 
I'm sure your all shacking our head no! We can only hope.

Anyway.....I've learned to love our tree, it's like our not perfect!  
I'm grateful for the memories this tree has given us so far, we now have a story to tell.  All of the stressfulness of setting it up now seems like a blink of an eye.  
I love these moments the tree brings.....


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Kathy said...

what a funny story and a great memory! I think it looks beautiful all decorated!