Wednesday, January 12, 2011

at this moment............

Outside my window.......snow is falling and the wind is wiping.  Not a good day to have to go out.  We are in light blue area on the map.  Ick!

                    Additional Image
I am thinking....if the wind keeps this up our power may go out. That's never fun! 

am thankful for....having the day off from work so I didn't have to drive in this messy snow.

From my kitchen.....I smell white bean chili cooking in the Crockpot.  Meals are so much easier with a Crockpot.  I need more recipes if anyone would like to share. I have a few Crockpot cookbooks but I would like recipes that have been tested.

I am wearing....jeans and a big gray pilly sweater that I wear at home all of the time but not out in public since at has so many pills on it.  I think I should invest in one of those pill shavers.  I wonder if they really work?!?!?

I am creating....a Valentine's wreath.  Hoping it comes out cute.

I am attempt to convince my daughter that she can part with some of her stuffed animals.  We've already packed away totes over the years.  I can't stand so many around.  She keeps her favorites on her bed already. I will never ever give a child a stuffed animal for a gift... I believe kids should have a few but not dozens!   
Miss Audrey sitting on a pile of stuffed animals in the closet.

I am reading.... my "Back to Eden" and "Food Rules" book.  I'm trying to take better care of myself (as I'm putting a gumdrop in my mouth).  

I am try and accomplish something today. When the kids are home sometimes everything that needs to get done has to wait until another day.

I am 9 year son smacking a big wad of gum while playing Baseball on the wii.

Around the house....the kids are still in their Pj's ( it's already 1:30), were taking it easy today since there's no place to go.

One of my favorite my Project Life.  I just love recording everyday life with my family.  And, a favorite is OhLife, an online journal.  So EASY!  I love it! Check it out!

A picture to winter wreath.  It didn't last long but was cute while it lasted. 

Have a Wonderful day!



Laura said...

Wonderful post on what sounds to be a great inside day! and yep - the pill shavers work! I'll send you a few crock pot recipes when I have a minute :-) ENJOY!!!

Kathy said...

I hear ya on the snow thing - we're snow in too!

And the stuffed animals - oh boy - we have WAAAAY too many around here too! My kids have so many webkinz AND they refuse to part with them!

Can't wait to see your wreath!

I would also love more crock pot {and healthy} recipes --- today we're using our crock to cook a full chicken - so easy, just plop it in and it's ready for dinner time. super easy!

I keep trying to find the project life but seems like everyone is sold out of it ... any ideas? How much did it cost you?

if you don't feel like answering all of this here you can email me at

ENJOY THE SNOW DAY!!! {I'm sitting snuggled up in old jeans and a baggy sweatshirt with a quilt and dogs laying next to me!} haha

Kathy said...

ooops ... I meant *snowED* in!

Miller Racing Family said...

So sorry about all the snow. We got a little snow this week but we have the really cold temps. Our crock pot is going crazy with soup this week. If you ever need some recipes come over to our blog there is a whole section under the looking for something on my sidebar just for crock pot recipes.
I think I am going to have to try your winter wreath.
Stay safe and warm!

Angie said...

I can't believe you guys are getting so much snow. Wow!

I love crock pot recipes too. I love the ease of it all...just tossing stuff in and suddenly you smell the yumminess!

Hope the snow lets up soon!!

CindeeQ said...

Have you tried this site
she does an excellent job.
I've used many of her soup recipes, yum!