Sunday, January 30, 2011

Goodbye January.........

I have a love hate relationship with January.  I love the beginning of the month when it's time to start fresh after a busy December, I love the newness of the new year.  Come late January the weather is getting hard.  The cold temps, usually in the teens (and lower, like below 0) are hard to handle.  We've also had lots and lots of snow this winter.   February brings more snow and colder temps but it's a short month and a busy month so it whips by. Birthday season starts for us , basketball season is in full swing and the kids have a one week school vacation. Oh, and we can't forget Valentine's Day which is always full of love and fun!

The kids were having fun in the snow.....I'm glad they love it!  Some days they play in it for hours.

I think I will start working on some Valentine's Day goodies! 
 That's always fun!


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