Sunday, January 23, 2011

miscellany monday

1.  strep throat - it absolutely sucks!  it's a first for me, i hardly even get a sore throat.  since eating isn't an option, i'm pretty much sticking to hot water and honey.   talking causes to much stress on my throat (i think my family may like this version of me, i usually have plenty to say to them).  hoping i will feel better by tomorrow.  the doctor said 36 to 48 hours of meds usually takes the pain away.  i've been taking lots of ibuprofen and tylenol  to help take the edge off but it still kills.  i don't wish this on anyone...i'm so hoping my family doesn't get it!  

2.  the waltons - i was always a little house on the prairie kind of gal, i loved watching that show when i was younger.  i never watched the waltons until now since my husband loves the show and we found that it's on the hub channel (inspiration channel).   thanks to our DVR we can record the show and watch it at night.  our 9 year old ethan will even sit and watch it with us, which i love.  the show is so wholesome, a bit corny at times but overall a good family show!

3.  snow - we've been getting lots of snow in maine these past few weeks. anywheres from 4 to 8+ inches at a time.  i like to keep my vehicle clean but it seems to be impossible.  this is what most cars look like in my parts. 

4. ramona and beezus - my miss audrey (age 7)  has been a reading machine lately.  she's hooked on the ramona and beezus books.  i love that my kids love to read, they didn't get it from me, well that's not completely true since my husband and i have been reading to them since they were just months old.  i've never been a big reader.  i do like a good book every so often but not often enough.  
5.  couch - we are looking to get a new couch.  last time we did this (9 years ago) we ended up couchless for awhile.  you see i thought i had found the perfect couch but when they delivered it i hated it in the my space. so we sent it back after we had already got rid of our old one.  i'm hoping this time around it goes much smoother.  i would love a pottery barn couch but don't love the price so it isn't going to happen.  i found this couch at, it has a good price on it and i love that you can buy extra slip covers for it.  the reviews overall are good but do i dare to order a couch online?  any advice would be helpful.

6. a mouse - some how a mouse came into our house and our three cats didn't seem to care which meant eric and i had to capture it . after 15 minutes we got it (actually eric did) we didn't know what to do with it since the temps are below 0 outside.  yes, call us crazy......we both have soft hearts when it comes to animals (i guess our cats do too :) 

eric thinking what to do with this little guy 

 look how cute!

we ended up putting it in a clear plastic container with nuts, raisins and a paper towel tube for the night and in the morning will take it over to the abandon barn across the road.  most people would have tossed it right outside or worse but for us that just isn't something we could do so for now he's comfy and cozy in a warm house.    

Happy Monday to all! And, don't forgot to join along at lowercase letters for miscellany monday.



MostlySunny said...

...I would have done the same thing with the little mousie!!!


Emily P. said...

strep is terrible. I can't think of a worse throat/sickness pain to have. I haven't had it since high school when I had my tonsils taken out. :(

Faith said...

oh - bless your heart! Hope you feel better soon.
I have TWO reading machines now! It's so hard to keep up with the volume of books they go through! Has Miss A tried the Magic Tree House books by Mary Pope Osbourne? My 7 year old LOVES them and they are a little bit educational too :)

Linda said...

The mouse is cute...but when we found one in our new house I freaked out and hubby put down a sticky board and we caught it...and have never had one since. It was a little field mouse from the vacant lot next door.

I wasn't a reader as a child...but I have always loved reading since I became an adult. It is so good for kids. I wish I had liked it way back then.

Sorry you have Strep. I had my tonsils out when I was 17 and it was because I got strep all of the time. I hope you feel better soon.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Gayle said...

You're killing me with the mouse. I would have hit it over the head with a shoe and thrown it away. Apparently, you've never had a shrew invasion in your house. Wild rodents breeding in your home is not cute.

Strep is the worst, you poor thing. I've had it one time in my life and my doctor gave me pain pills to get through the first couple of days. Wish you had the same.

Angie said...

Oh Gosh...I hope you are feeling better by today! Strep is horrible and painful and down right redonk!

I loved the Waltons too...I'll have to see if Layla will watch it with me.

Amy said...

very interesting thoughts.. I had strep once and it was no fun.. Oh that mouse story is wild..

Have a great night..