Sunday, January 9, 2011

Project Life

I was super excited when I got my Project Life in the mail on Wednesday.  

Before going to bed I filled every pocket with the journaling cards and Card fillers, I thought this would be easier then filling them as I go.  Last year I din't do this and I had to deal with the supplies laying around throughout the year.  I think this will work out well.  At first I tried to coordinate the colors but realized that would be to complicated and really it's designed to all go together anyway.

The Opening Page    
 I left the next two pages blank and plan to put current pictures of the family and at the end of the year I will take pictures of everyone again and put them in the last two pages.  It will be interesting to see how the kids have changed.  

Week One

I'm looking forward to filling the pages and hope every pocket will get filled this year.  Last year, summer came and went without me touching it.  I plan to print the pics for that time period and fill the pockets but as far as the journaling goes it will be left blank. 

This is such a great way to record everyday life throughout the year and overall easy.  It's not to let to start!  


Alita said...

This is so much easier than scrapbooking for which I have no time for anymore.

I adore this!

Colleen said...

This looks awesome! So glad you got it so that you could start playing! Thanks for popping by my blog!

Kelli said...

pretty I'm using last year's album I never used! LOL

I love the snow! Happy Project Life Tuesday!

Shannon said...

Love your cover page! I may have to go and spruce up mine! :) Have fun!

Susan said...

Great week.

Don't you love the new album??

That's Who I Am said...

Your album looks great so far! Isn't it so nice to have all those journaling cards in there ready to go? Good luck this year!

Harriett said...

Looks great so far!
Love your cover page.

Ginger@From The Cocoon said...

Love how you put your own flare on this album and the idea of the opening page and ending page being pictures of the family...I may have to borrow that idea :)

CindeeQ said...

Love your first week! I did the same thing--put it all together so I wouldn't have to think about it later.

Christina Thomas said...

Great first week! Can't wait to see more!

Claire said...

Lovely! I'm loving seeing everyone's PL folders!