Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dear Mr. Punxsutawney Phil,

Please No shadow today!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Pretty please with sugar on top!!!!!!!!!!
and a cherry!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
or whatever your favorite food may be!!!!

Oh Please, Oh Please, Oh Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need to hear the words "EARLY SPRING".

Spring has never sounded so good to me.  I can usually handle our winters in Maine but all of this snow is getting...well, not so fun anymore.  We are getting more snow today, actually I wouldn't call it more I would call tons more (up to 20inches). The words "EARLY SPRING" will make this snow storm easier to accept knowing spring will be here sooner rather than later.

Oh Please, Oh Please, Oh Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have I ever mentioned how adorable looking you are?  Such a cute nose you have and you wear that coat of yours so well. 

Oh Please, Oh Please, Oh Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your's truly,

P.S. One last hair is really a mess!  I've had to cancel my last 4 hair appointments due to the weather and being sick one week.  You don't want me walking around scarring people.  DO YOU!?!?!?  

Oh Please, Oh Please, Oh Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will be truly grateful!

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Rambling Girl said...

Oh goodness, I am not looking forward to an early spring cause summer will hit soon with those hot humid days in the deep south!

I wish we could experience some snow more but I sure don't want what you all get...just enough for us to sled and have fun in.

Stay warm up there!

Laura said...

Love this! I heard you got your wish and spring is on its way - but I'm not sure I really believe it... :-)