Thursday, March 10, 2011

(friday) favorite things

Today I'm joining along with
 Rachel at finding joy
 and listing some of my favorite things.  

To start....... 

Rachel is one of my favorite bogs to read, 
I love her openness on her everyday life. 
 She's real and honest.


a few of my favorite things at this moment:

a hubby that does the grocery shopping for the week

a march first will be 
celebrating his 10th birthday tomorrow.

my crockpot that's cooking a wonderfully
 good smelling meal for my family  

 my audrey playing with her 
vintage barbie camper that she had to have
(she used her own money for this big purchase)

sounds of giggles made from
 my two playing together

a healthy ethan (he was so sick last week
 with the flu and is just now starting to feel better)

fresh oranges for 25 cents each

fresh tulips sitting in my windows to
 remind me that spring will come

rain, yes rain because it's melting 
the ton of snow on the ground

the paint that's transforming my cupboards

my puffy llbean jacket that continues 
to keep me warm when going outside
a quite ride to work

hearing my kids read aloud

my stepmom for insisting on driving 
an hour and 1/2 to bring homemade 
chicken soup to my sick family

ingrid michaelson's "be ok" 
my go to song when i need a lift 

my list could go on and on.........but i think i'll stop now and save some for another (friday) favorite things.

Have a wonderful weekend!



Kathy said...

great list! I too love Rachel's blog, I think I got hooked on it from you ... =)

Laura said...

Love the list! Happy Weekend to you :-)

Rachel said...

You are too kind....seriously.

Love your list. That vintage camper is super cool. I think I would have saved money for it as well!

I think I might need to purchase some tulips at Trader Joes today. I need some reminders that spring will someday come. Someday.

Thank you for linking up! I was blessed by your list....and now want an orange as well.

Hope to see you next week!

Have a blessed weekend.


BundlesofBlossoms said...

I loved reading this, especially, the part about hubby doing the shopping-YIPPEE!

Oh, the fresh tulips and spring-could spring actually becoming? LOL!

Fresh oranges for 25 cents? What a great price! The cupboards look great, by the way.

Miller Racing Family said...

Great list. I am thankful you all are feeling better.
We are enjoying our spring weather, it was almost 80 today. Oh, I just love tulips. We have few popping up out in the flower beds.

Farmgirl Paints said...

my girls would LOVE that Barbie camper!!! seriously it rocks. love the pic of you driving. i've done that before. how brave and crazy are we?;)