Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thoughts of Spring - Random Things About Me


Join Lynette's "Thoughts of Spring" Blog Party here.

Ohhhhhh................ how I can't wait for SPRING!
   Living in Maine means we won't see any green for awhile longer. We have a ton of snow on the ground right now and the it doesn't seem that the snow storms are going to stop anytime soon but that's ok I can still dream of spring.  
That's our picnic table today!

I'm  planning to plant some grass in some containers to place around the house, I know this will bring some smiles (to me at least). 

To get started here are few things about me:

I live in Maine.  I was born in up state New York.  My father decided he liked Maine after we came for  a visit in 1983, in 1984 we moved here from Colorado. It  felt a bit bizarre at first because it was so different then Colorado.  I will never forget my first day at my new school, it was a tiny school- K-8th grade and there was only one class for each grade, it was nothing like where I was going before.  I adjusted over the years and now can't imagine living anywhere else.  

I work 35 hours a week outside my home.  My husband I have always made an effort to have one of us home with the kids, this was especially important when they were babies.  I try very hard to have a balance between work and being a Mom (which always comes first) but it's not always easy.

My husband and I have been together for 21 years (married for 13 1/2 years). I was 18, he was 20.
Here we are now.

Here are some of the questions Lynette asked to get this Spring Blog Party Started:

How would people describe your personality? (If they could only use ONE word.) Are they right?
Flighty - Yes, they would be right on.  My mind is racing and I seem to be thinking and doing many things at once.  At work I talk to myself way to often, but it's how I work things out.  I just need someone to listen why I ramble, then I'm good to go!  

Who is your favorite blogger? Why?
Geez, I'm not sure that I have one favorite.  There are too many interesting and talented bloggers out there in blogland.  Some of my favorites are the everyday people that I can relate too.  

What is your comfort food/drink?
Pretzels!  I love my pretzels.  I grew up with pretzels, they were always in the house.  I was actually holding pretzels in my hands when we had this photo session done (I'm the one in the middle).  You can't see them in this picture but some others that I haven't scanned have me holding them.  I think my mother took them out before the picture was taken because my fingers were squeezed has if I'd been holding onto something. 

Be brave – tell us something very random and weird about yourself.
I ABSOLUTELY hate my ankles touched, just thinking about it gives me the jitters. 

Books: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Romance, Biographies, True Stories, Self-Help, 
Hands down Biographies.  I love to read about people, I think that's why I enjoy blogging so much.

Music: Funk, Rock, Country, Jazz, Classical, Film Score, Blues, Classic Rock, Crooner, Alternative, Heavy Metal, Techno? What are your favorite types?
 I pretty much love all kinds of music.  It totally depends on my mood, although I can skip the heavy metal screaming music (which to me isn't really music to begin with).   

If you inherited a million dollars, what is the first thing you would do with your money?
Buy a new house and donate.  

Name one weakness of yours (confession is good for the soul).
I could be a better listener and I truly have a weakness for SUGAR.

What is one of your favorite things to catch a whiff of? 
Lavender.  I just can't get enough of this smell.  It's so calming, something I need a lot of.

When you leave a social gathering, do you wish: You would have talked more or You would have talked less? 
Both.  It seems that I talk a lot with the people I'm most comfortable with but avoid starting conversation to get to know others better, I'm shy that way.
  If money wasn't a factor, what stores would you shop in?
Pottery Barn, Anthropologie and Antique Stores but I would still look for a deal .

What is your greatest fear or strange phobia?
That something will happen to my children.  Phobia- again, ankles being grabbed.

What is your greatest accomplishment?
Breastfeeding!  It was so hard and not that enjoyable for me but I told myself my babies would starve if I didn't do it.  I breastfeed both of my babes for 10 months and I will always be proud of myself for doing it.
 What are your favorite animals?
All of them, really.  I just love animals.  

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL day and I look forward to reading about you all!


Heather said...

Nice to meet you!

I'm jealous of the snow!! It's so lovely and peacful.

Betty said...

I'm from Ohio so I sort of feel you on the snow thing. We just got rid of ours and have moved on to flash floods. Lol! I'm ready to move south! I love your idea of planting grass! I might have to try that if we get more snow again.

h. rae said...

Oh, I love the smell of lavender too. And jasmine. Two wonderful scents!

dulce de leche said...

Hi! So nice to get to know you. I love the pic of the snow up there! :)

Christina said...

really cute blog!

September said...

Bonnie... So nice to meet you through Lynnette's Blog Party!
I live in Upstate new York, and love it here for Fall, Spring and Summer.
Like you, in Maine.. we have about the same winter weather.
I enjoyed stopping by here today.
Enjoy your beautiful family!

Michelle G said...

Okay it's 90 here :) LOVE The snow pictures!!

ankles huh? is there a story behind that one or has it always been an issue? (inquiring minds want to know...)

nice to meet you!

Carla said...

It seems we have quite a bit in common from the snow to the "flighty" ness. :) that would totally describe me too! Blogs are a good outlet for that :) so many of your answers sounded like myself writing. wierd :) We were married ridiculously young too! I don't have an ankle phobia though.

Carla said...

you're planting grass inside the house is funny and wonderful!! oh, to touch grass again....

Alli said...

I think we could all use a little more spring right now! Whew. At least we don't have any of that snow here in VA. Every year it seems like I can take less and less of winter.

You like biographies? That's actually a goal on my 101 in 1001 list. I almost exclusively read fiction and I want to branch out more this year. A biography would definitely be branching out for me. I'm thinking about reading Ellen Degeneres' right now but I'm open to suggestion. What have been your favorites?

Michelle said...

What a pleasure to read your comments and get to know you. As I write this comment, I am enjoying your background blog music. Jack Johnson is definitely a fav of mine! I love the scent of Lavender and have a bar of English lavender soap at the sink right now. I actually, just washed my hands with it and can smell it wafting up at me as I type. Lovely scent! Thank you for sharing. You, your family and your blog are simply lovely.

Michelle said...

The more I listen to your taste in music, the more I realize we like a lot of the same music! Neat.

~she~ said...

Wow...now that's some serious snow! And I thought we had it bad!

I love the retro 70s picture! You're adorable with the pretzels!

Kathy said...

love your list! and yes we are so much alike ... =)

Beautiful Blessings said...

Hi Bonnie! I love reading your post. My husband and I have always wanted to travel to Maine, especially in the fall. I can totally relate to needing to be a better listener as well.

Amy said...

21 years of marriage - congratulations!

I enjoyed reading your post, so fun. Enjoy the snow!

Amy @ Missional Mama

partialemptynester said...

Fun answers!!!! I love Anthropologie, too...this year for Christmas my hubby only gave me one thing...a gift card for Anthropologie, but he made it really worth it ;)
I feel about knees the way you do about ankles, I totally get it!
Love the picture of you with the pretzels (or after your mom took them away, lol).
Love the pic of you and your hubby! I love the grin on his face, like, "Yep, she's mine, all mine, and boy, does that make me proud!"

TIFFANY said...

Seeing your snow picture made me so thankful to live in Oklahoma! I can't handle much snow. I like to be warm!

Nice to meet you!

Doula Brandi said...

Celebrating with you over your greatest accomplishment!! WTG Mama!!

Miller Racing Family said...

What a fun post! I always love reading and getting to know my blogging buddies a little better.
I can't believe that you have that much snow right now. Today we are finally starting to get spring temps, so of course I had to break out the spring decorations.

"Lolli" said...

Oh, how i love the snow!!!! Yet, I love living in Tennessee because we get to enjoy each season so vividly!!! Your blog is fabu! Now, enjoy some peach sweet tea for me...and BTW, I'm going to become one of your followers!!!

Lolli/aka Lisa

Anonymous said...

I am also shy at first and also love to read. I like some biographies, but can't say I've gotten into them to much unless it is something about someones faith journey.

Life Is Crazy Beautiful said...

Hi Bonnie! Your blog is adorable :) Maine is one of the states I have never visited, it would be fun some day...and I have lived in Colorado, too. I have both the Kindle, Nook (Barnes & Noble) and iBooks (Apple) apps on my iPhone and love them!! My favorite is when I can find books I want to read for free, or 99 cents or even pretty current books for under $2 - SCORE!! It's great for reading in bed with the lights out so I don't disturb my husband (I'm a terrible insomniac). It was fun reading your answers. Happy partying!


Life Is Crazy Beautiful said...

Oops, here goes perfectionism again...strike "both" from the above comment :) (since I listed 3 book apps) Lisa

Linda said...

Ha....Lisa the perfectionist in the previous comment is my oldest daughter. I am Linda... and Lynnette the blog hostess, is my middle daughter. (I also have a youngest daughter Lonna, but she doesn't blog)

You sure are pretty...and so young looking!

I like to read bios too...but I am picky...I don't just read them all! I love Christian bios though.

Planting grass in pots "inside your home", cracked me up! I bet Maine is beautiful in the Fall though!

We used to live in Colorado too and then my hubby moved us to Kansas and I cried...I didn't want to come. But we have lived here for over 30 years and I love it here.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Anonymous said...

love your post and we have lots in commmon....so fun to know other bloggers better...


for some reason blogger is not letting me comment....UGH

TW said...

Snow.....Beautiful and sometimes frustrating when it makes the roads dangerous. At any rate, we have plenty of it at the moment!

Lynnette Kraft said...

Um, yeah. I think you have a little bit of snow! Wow!

I love pretzels too! I just had myself a cup full!

I've seen "Anthropologie" mentioned on many blogs, but I've never heard of it. I guess I'll have to see what it is! I'm very curious at this point.

Thanks for the invite! I enjoyed coming by and reading some about you. :)

Hope the blog party has been fun for you! Looks like you had a lot of visitors. yay! Success!

PS Your music kept me quite entertained while I was here. I like that sort of music.