Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things you must have to Survive a Maine Winter

1. Smart Wool Socks
They keep my feet warm without having to wear sleepers and they are super comfy.

2. A Thick Sweater 
I wear a sweater like the one below all most every minute that I'm home.  It has a ton of pils on it but I love it anyways.  It's warm, it buttons up to my chin so I stay cozy warm. 

3. Blistex
I never am without it.....NEVER. It's a must throughout the day.  The cold weather is brutal on my lips. 

4. Vicks Vapor Rub
Since my nose gets stuffy from the heat going so much, I like to rub a little under my nose before bed.

5. Puffs Plus
We buy these in bulk.  Runny noses from the cold and long lasting colds that we catch must be wiped with something soft and durable. 

6. Warm Boots

7. Assortment of Scarves
I like to prevent any type of cold drafts getting down my shirt so I bundle my neck with a scarf .

8. Mattress Pad Warmer
This truly is the best thing ever!!!
 I don't think I will ever again go without one.  

9. Heating Pad
I use it in the living room in my chair so I stay warm. 
 The kids love it too.

10. Travel Mug
Since a hot beverage is a must, I use my Starbucks Coffee Travel Mug daily.  I often fill it with hot water, honey and cinnamon.  This warms me up.

11. Lotion, Lotion and more Lotion
Cold weather means super dry skin.

12. Undershirts
It's a must to layer or you will have to listen to your teeth chatter.

13. Pets
Good for warming up your seat.
 Throw a cat on your chest or lap and you have an instant warmer.  Train your dog to lay on your feet, this is the best foot warmer ever.  


colleen said...

A down comforter and lots of firewood!

Xakara said...

I couldn't do the pets because of allergies, but as a former Wisconsinite, I completely agree with the other 12! And hot cocoa or cider is like magic! :)

Happy TT,

13 Hooping Vids

TSN84 said...

Well this list certainly applies to an Alberta winter as well!! I would love heated blankets or anything for the bed! It's always freezing when I climb in!

Pearl said...

seems you're all set. I have a heat lamp to boot. and a hot water bottle. maybe the heated mattress pad would be better.

was it your site that autoloaded sound?

Made in Jersey said...

i pretty much use all of these to survive Jersey winters! but the mattress pad warmer, i need that! it's so cold here, it's getting to the point that I don't even want to go outside until spring comes. You sound like me with the cozy socks and the sweaters all the way up to the chin, and scarves? i have dozens!

Made in Jersey said...

that was me that deleted the post above. i originally left my message on your "Kindle post" don't even know how that happened! then i came here and told you what i did, then i went back and deleted both. I shouldn't try to read blogs at 4 in the morning! Sorry for the confusion!