Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wordful Wednesday

Our Ethan has been on the couch now for 24 hours with a yucky nose, a cough (he has cold induced asthma, which makes is cough awful), and on top of that he's been throwing up here and there but says he doesn't have a stomach ache.  Hopefully it will pass soon.    Oh,  How I can't wait for Spring.

Ever since my Ethan was born  it seems that he gets the sickest during his birthday month - March.  It started when he was only ten days old, he got a fever and had to go to the hospital for a two night stay; this is standard with a newborn, a fever equals lots of test and a hospital stay.  He had to have a spinal tap, a catheter put in and blood drawn, all of which was very heartbreaking, on top of everything I was a new mom and couldn't even believe this was happening.  Let alone taking care of a newborn, now I was dealing with my mind going crazy thinking the worst possible things, not completely understanding can cause our minds to race.  In the end, they found nothing and said it must have been viral.  Thankful that thats all it was but how awful to have your child go through this.   I'm thankful everyday that my children are overall healthy.  I don't ever take it for granted!  I know many parents (first hand) that having a child that has a disease or life threating illness isn't easy.  The stress of worrying that goes through your mind consistently is simply sad.  I have the highest respect for those of you that this is part of your daily lives.  

Happy Wednesday!


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Vivienne said...

Oh gosh! Poor little guy! I hope he feels better soon. That's odd about him getting sick every March.