Thursday, May 26, 2011

Friday Favorites

Here are a few of my favorite things this week

friday favorite things | finding joy's FINALLY here and I'm loving it........
 and so very Thankful for it!

Even the dandelions!

But most of all the BLUE sky and the SUN 
that finally came out after 12 days of being covered. 


unsweetened iced green tea

  Ethan playing baseball.
It's truly a joy to watch....for me anyways.  Watching our kids work so hard to do their best is so rewarding!!!  This kid loves all things baseball!

Bug Spray
It's black fly season here in Maine...yuck! 

A walk along the ocean with this sweet girl!


Our small country store where gas was $3.69 a gallon 
vs the $3.91 in town.

HAPPY FRIDAY and hope you will follow along with Rachel at Finding Joy!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My First Lisa Leonard Necklace

Lisa Leonard Online Logo

I've been eying this dewdrops necklace by Lisa Leonard for sometime now (close to two years....yes really).  I'm not one to wear jewelry, in fact I only own one other necklace that I wear  once in a great while.  This necklace seem to catch my eye and I just knew I had to have to have it...eventually.  I told my husband that I would love it for my 40th birthday (we aren't ones for BIG surprises) here it is.  LOVE IT!!!  I think I'll be wearing this one all of the time!

 I had my kiddos names put on one side and on the other my husband Eric's name and my name.  I'm so happy with my family is everything!  

This is another one I'm eying .....hoping it won't take two years to get but really I'm in no hurry since I'm loving the one I just got!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

miscellany monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
1.  on Sunday my miss audrey and I walked the great strides walk for cystic fibrosis. 

The walk was for this guy……
 Personal Image
my nephew jackson and to support others with CF.  

2. my life seems to have been taken over by all things games, baseball talk, baseball cards, baseball books, baseball gloves, baseball bats, baseball caps..........and so on!  

my ethan is all baseball!

3.  i often wonder why the weather doesn't seem to bother kids like it does adults.  the sky has been gray for 8 days and it's really starting to make me grumpy.....i need to see blue and brightness....i need my vitamin D!!!!

4.  have you ever had a whoopie pie

 it's a new england thing.  i attempted to make them last week...not bad but it's definitely one of those desserts that you have to make a ton of times before you get it just right.

5. i can't wait for my late birthday present to come in the mail this week, it was shipped on friday and i'm super's a necklace by lisa leonard.  i'm not one to wear jewelry but this necklace is one that i've been eying for sometime now.  i will share it with you when i get it.

have a wonderful monday and i hope the sun is shining where you are!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The looooongest Red Sox Game and Post........


* Warning: this is a long post with lots of pictures!

 A Pre-birthday getaway with my family was a little trip to Boston to see the Red Sox play against the LA Angles.  We drove less than 4 hours to a hotel outside of Boston the night before the game.  (Staying on the outside of Boston aloud us to stay two nights rather then one since the cost was less then one night right in the city.)
The first morning we slept in a little, took our time getting ready to go to a late breakfast then back to the hotel for swimming. I’m sure you all know if you have kids you can’t go to a hotel and NOT use the pool. 
Note: During this time the weather was talked about a lot, it was muggy with a thick covering of clouds in the sky and rain was in the forecast. 

After swimming we got ready again and headed into Boston but before leaving we checked the weather forecast….50% chance of rain during game time.  When we got into Boston we walked around a little then we decided we would head towards Fenway Park and find parking. Since we had plenty of time we drove around for a bit(in the pouring rain)  while  Audrey slept, we figured we’d let her sleep since it would be a late night, thinking like 11:30ish late….little did we know what was ahead.  We found parking straight across from were we had to enter the park. Audrey was awake now so we walked around to some of the shops and then to eat before the game. 

When it was time to head into the park the rain was coming down… time we got in and found our seats the rain had stopped...Phew! 

We got our seats dry and looked around at the Park,,,,,it’s nothing like watching it on TV.  This was our view.............AWESOME right?!?!?

The bullpen (where the pitchers and catchers warm up) was just below where we were sitting.....I got a few pics of Jason Varitek warming up, he stretches every muscle in his body.  Nice!

The game got on its way.....

and the clouds too...

By the fourth inning this is what things were looking like....
 Some people sitting next to us shared their plastic roll with the  kids at the start of the rain delay. After sitting for a bit we decided it was time to take cover below.  The rain was coming down hard at this point.  

Thank goodness for gadgets and cotton candy!

After  2+ hours most fans had left and we were thinking to do the same. We thought they would replay the game tomorrow but they (the guys who make the BIG decisions)  really wanted to get this game played since they had a game at 1:00 the next day and the LA Angels weren't coming back to Boston again this season.  At 10:40 the game was going to start up again after the humongous tarp was removed from the field, this is quite the process.   

  (this pic was from earlier)

At this point most fans were gone so you could sit anywhere you wanted to, we decided to hang out by the the pitchers and catchers are coming back to warm up....
Daniel Bard, Tim Wakefield, Jarrod Saltalamacchia

Watching the pitchers warm up is amazing....the speed of the ball up close is almost shocking.  I took lots of pictures of the pitchers but I'm sure anyone who is viewing this post is already on overload of pictures. was late, we were damp and the temperature was a bit chilly when we thought the game was almost over and the unbelievable happens....the Sox tie it up in the bottom of the 9th inning, yes the 9th. It was already couldn't believe this was happening. 

Fenway gave away free Hot cocoa and coffee which was helpful and nice.  We warmed up temporarily with that.  Audrey's feet were wet so I bought her a pair of $15.00 Red Sox socks and put thin plastic bags over her feet and socks before putting her shoes back on(plastic bags were complimentary of Fenway Park that were found in the janitors closet in the ladies room.... a mother has to do what a mother has to do) 

 Our Miss Audrey was doing so good considering she's only 7, thank goodness for the late afternoon nap.  Ethan our 10 year old was fine since he's a baseball nut.  He was in his glory hanging over the bullpen, especially when Pitcher Daniel Bard tossed him a ball.  Of course I missed it, I was below with Audrey for a bit.

The ladies room was the warmest place so we took a little break from the game to warm up, Audrey got a ball too from one of the coaches for the pitchers. 

So the game went into 13 innings....crazy!  You may wonder why we stayed but when you travel 4 hours for a game, wait out a rain delay you just can't get yourself to leave!    


My husband turned his hat inside our hoping this would help the Red Sox win but no such luck...they lost and the game didn't get over until 3am.  I can't believe we all made it.  The craziest of it all was our friend Jeremy and his soon that drove almost 4 hours to the game and drove 
back after the game.

  I have to say Maine Red Sox fans are tough and dedicated!  

 The next day we were going to go around Boston before heading home but we were to wiped.  After getting sleeping in until 11am (the hotel let us have a late checkout) we packed up and headed home.  This was event I'm sure my kids will never forget!  I'm hoping we make it back for a normal game before the season is over! 

Sunday, May 15, 2011


It's official.......I've  joined the 40's club !  

On Friday, May 13th I turned FORTY...the big 4-oh!  Yikes...that sounds crazy!!!  I can remember being a kid and thinking 40 was old and now I'm here but I don't feel that old, maybe it's because I'm the baby of the family or to someone that's 80, I'm still a kid.  I've never been one to dwell on being a year older......I try to embrace it instead knowing I've been blessed to have made it this far.  The thing  about being older is becoming wiser....something I love.  What I don't love are the wrinkles!    

Cheers to being 40!