Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My First Lisa Leonard Necklace

Lisa Leonard Online Logo

I've been eying this dewdrops necklace by Lisa Leonard for sometime now (close to two years....yes really).  I'm not one to wear jewelry, in fact I only own one other necklace that I wear  once in a great while.  This necklace seem to catch my eye and I just knew I had to have to have it...eventually.  I told my husband that I would love it for my 40th birthday (we aren't ones for BIG surprises) here it is.  LOVE IT!!!  I think I'll be wearing this one all of the time!

 I had my kiddos names put on one side and on the other my husband Eric's name and my name.  I'm so happy with my family is everything!  

This is another one I'm eying .....hoping it won't take two years to get but really I'm in no hurry since I'm loving the one I just got!



Angie said...

I have a LL family tree necklace and I love it!!! I am so happy with it and am so thankful for it!

Enjoy yours!!

Bonita Rose said...

I love your new necklace.. I want one of her necklaces too.. like you, eventually! hugs xo it's gorgeous!