Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wordish Wednesday

I was lucky enough to join my Ethan and his 4th grade class on an awesome field trip recently.  Diver Ed.  We went out on a boat into the ocean.  Diver Ed dived into the water bringing up sea creatures for the kids to check out. He also filmed underwater with an HD camera (like the ones they use on the Discovery channel)  for us all to view on a HD screen on the boat.  We had the most perfect day....sunny, warm and we all learned something.  I could have spent the whole day on that boat! Oh, and did I mention how there were two huge newphies  on the boat that I couldn't get enough of.  They were rescue dogs....thankfully they didn't have to work during our trip! 

My Ethan having fun!

Love this picture! The boat was just a cruising when I took this.

This is the Margaret Todd Ship
Someday I hope to take a 2 hour cruise on it.

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

One Proud Mama!

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(Friday) Favorite Things

 Our Miss Audrey's Art was selected to be hung at our Local Tim Hortons for the month of June. This is truly a big Friday Favorite of mine, in fact it's the only one I'm posting about today.  It was quite an honor to see it hanging up on the wall for lots and lots of people to see.  Hers got chosen from a district of 2500 kids (Pre-kers to 12th graders, she's in second grade).  
There were a total of 10 pieces of art selected.  The district does this once a year but according to the Art Directors it's quite a process.  I can only imagine breaking it all down to 10 pieces would be hard.

 Hers was Van Gogh inspired.  She did this at the beginning of the school year when she just turned seven. 

Tonight they had a reception for the artists....Audrey was a little nervous when she got there because there were lots of people, along with music and goodies...overall she did great. 

Love this girlie........Super Proud of her!

She sits and looks at her art work from her seat ....I think she's proud of herself......as she should be it's quite an achievement!  She certainly didn't get her talent from her mother....maybe from her PaPa, Uncle and Aunt from both sides of the family.   

Checking out some of the other artists work.  
She gives compliments......proud again!

Lots of smiles from me tonight and Tim Hortons has a new customer!  I will be visiting on a regular basis now to sit and enjoy a coffee as I enjoy my Audrey's art.  

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

First S'mores of the Season


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