Tuesday, July 12, 2011


From picking Strawberries
to making Strawberry Jam, 
to picking more Strawberries,
to freezing Strawberries
to eating Strawberries........
is what I've been up to lately! 
I'm surprised I haven't turned RED yet! 

  first trip, 21 quarts

  My helpers.
  Audrey inspected every strawberry before it made it into her box.....it had to be BIG and juicy!  Of course, she would eat every other one so you can imagine how long it took her to fill a box.  As for Ethan, when he picked he did it in good time but when ever any of our boxes were filled, he insisted he'd be the one to run the box to the car.  Since the car was a bit away, I didn't object.  Even though they did some complaining, I loved having them with me.  I'm sure when they get older they will look back on these days and have good memories attached.

 An Audrey Sized Strawberry

75 jars of jam

The day after we picked our strawberries, the kids and I  headed to my mother-in-laws house to make jam.  When making 8 batches of jam, I highly recommend doing it with someone.....it's much funner!  Last year we made a 112 jars   together that we split, this year we decided to make less strawberry and make blueberry, raspberry and black raspberry for a variety.  We actually were down to our last jar when we went strawberry picking!!!

Next.....Blueberry Jam!


radiomomrhetoric said...

YUM! Cute and YUM! I just made lots of freezer jam....unfortunately it didn't set as well as I had hoped-but it is still YUMMY! lOVE the blue bucket!

Smiles Bonnie~

Laura said...

Such a heavenly post ~ looks fabulous and I can imagine the sweet taste :-) hint hint