Thursday, September 29, 2011

Turning 8

My baby turned EIGHT last week.  Time is moving way to seems like yesterday when we were working on this.......
(she would kill me if she knew I posted this pic....but I couldn't resist!) here she is growing up.  At her eight year well check I was informed that she will be developing early and that I should start talking to her.....say what?!?!?! She's EIGHT!!!!  The thought of talking about boobies is not really something an eight year wants talk about, in fact it's not what Mom wants to talk about either, well at least not yet.  I know I have a little time but I'm wanting my baby back more then ever.

 Celebration ONE:
A Roller Skating Party with a few classmates.  Lots of fun except that Audrey didn't like being sung "Happy Birthday" too.  She hates a lot attention.  After a little down time she was happy again.

Celebration TWO:
My dad came for a visit the day before her birthday to bring gifts since they would be leaving on a trip the day of her birthday. Audrey didn't mind since it meant she got to open gifts a day early. 

 Celebration THREE:
Her BirthDay. 
 We celebrated at her Nannie Wizza's with gifts and cake.  She was so happy to get Julie (an American Girl)....Molly needed a friend you know.
She also got Hello Kitty earrings from her Nannie and Papa which she's been wanting since she got her ears pierced.  

Celebration Four:
A trip to the Humane Society
We asked that Audrey's classmates bring donations to the Humane Society in lieu of Birthday gifts. She truly wanted to give and of course make a trip to the Humane Society.  Her friends gave great gifts for the animals and some friends and family gave blankets and towels to give.  She also used $25.00 of her birthday money to buy toys for the animals.   We took a trip to bring the donations on Saturday.  Audrey couldn't stop smiling!  We went with no intentions of getting an animal since we already have two dogs and three cats. But.....we ended up bringing home 15 year old Ziggy.  We have a senior center for pets here what's one more!?!?  All of our pets are 13 and up! She is a good kitty and we are happy to have her.

Oh...... to be EIGHT again!
  Dolls and Animals seem to be what life revolves around right now!
  I love it! 

Cheers to my Miss Audrey for being so sweet!


Angie said...

Awww....I love it! The shelter the guys are so sweet!

Looks like a great birthday all around :)

radiomomrhetoric said...

Happy Birthday sweet little girl! (and yes...she might kill you for posting the potty pic...LOL)

LOVE the shelter kitty. Love anyone who ADOPTS.


Miller Racing Family said...

What great birthday celebrations. Since my birthday is in the winter I had many roller skating birthday parties.
I love how she thought of the kittens for on birthday. The donations look amazing.
Blessings and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!