Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

Another year of Trick or Treating.......well just lots of Treating really.  
Ethan is at the age were he wasn't sure if he wanted to dress up but after a little convincing he decided to be a "ZOMBIE".  I think most 10 year old boys go as something gruesome.  My Audrey was a "SPIDER LADY".  We found the hat and glasses this summer and worked off them.  She wanted to make her own outfit which I thought was awesome....she's so creative at 8!  She decorated her shirt and wore some webbing for a spidery look along with a few spiders hanging off of her .  I think she looked pretty cute!

Love those BLUE eyes!

I had a bit of fun with the first three pictures using
 You could spend hours messing with your pictures using this site!

After an hour of walking the streets we made a quick stop to Stephen Kings house for a picture. It was very dark so you can't see much . He only spends summer in his 
Maine house but I think he should stick around for Halloween and pass out candy
 ....wouldn't that be cool and most likely very scary!

After we got home the kids checked out their loot......
.......lots of ExCitMenT and trading of course! 
I think this is their favorite part of the night!

At the end the kids put most of their candy in one big 
container to share with eachother (and mom & dad ;) 

Well, the decorations are put away and the Thanksgiving ones are out. 
 I'm looking forward to, good food and Macy's Parade (on TV)!


Jackie H. said...

Great photos! I think I'd be too scared to trick or treat at Steven King's house but that made for a cool photo op
Thanks for stopping by Ready. Set. Read!

Jessica Lemmon said...

I love that first photo! And, yeah, it would be cool if Mr. King hung around to hand out candy!

radiomomrhetoric said...

AWESOME! I am glad I am not the only mom of a 10 year old who thought he "might" be too old for that sort of stuff. The only thing he would go as-was a character from one of his video games. LOL It worked. we made 2 of the 4 costumes at our house-so it was cost friendly too!! Little A sure is creative! so cute--those eyes!