Monday, January 16, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday

top ten list

Top Ten Things needed for my Head Cold

This past weekend I got the worst cold ever!!!!  I've been lucky enough not to have had one since last spring but unfortunately it hit me hard, so hard that I that I didn't leave my house for three days. 
These are the things that got me through feeling totally awful!

1. PUFFS PLUS and lots of them.  This is how I buy bulk. When I get a cold I need lots of these. I actually went through almost 3 boxes in 24 hours. 
2.  Vaseline - My poor nose was so sore that I had to constantly rub this all over it.  It's feeling much better now. 

3. Hot Tea with Honey- the hot tea temporarily gave some relief.

4. My Gray Sweater with pils all over it.  I love this sweater.  I love it like a little one loves their favorite blanket.  I wear it everyday (at home only).  It's so warm and comfy.  Unfortunately it doesn't look as good as the one in picture below. 

5. A Hot Bath 

6. Heating Pad - used for my hurt so bad I had to lay my head on it.

7. Halls Cough Drops

8. TV - I actually caught up on some shows that I had recorded.   I had quite a few.

9.  My Bed -  Oh, how good it felt to lay in my bed.  I could have stayed in there for another day but too much to do.  

10. My Family - they were so helpful and good.  I was totally useless and they knew not to ask me to do this or that.  My hubby even worked on the laundry (his least favorite thing to do). 

Hopefully I won't have a cold this bad for a very long time.  Gotta love January!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our Beloved Trixie

*Please forgive my writing, it's not the greatest.  
I didn't spend much time proofing since reading it over and over would be to hard.   

In Memory of Trixie
February 1997 to January 5, 2012

That awful day had come.  The day that I knew was in our near future but was hoping would never come.  We had to make that awful decision  to have our Miss Trixie put down.  Any pet owner knows this is one of the hardest things you will ever have to do.  The hardest part for us was that Trixie mentally was with it....100% with it, but unfortunately her body wasn't.  Her legs were failing.  For the past several months we had rugs going across the kitchen floor for her to walk on, if a rug was out of place she would usually stand and whine for us to come help her or fix the rug.  One of her front legs was in rough shape but she managed to get around, she could still jump up on the couch and go up and down a few steps. 

 Last Tuesday my husband was home sick from work, while he was laying on the couch  he heard her fall and yelp in the kitchen.  She had decided to go off the rugs and head to our mud room where the cats eat.  She hurt herself when she fell, we thought she would be ok but on Wednesday her leg was swollen.  I had to carry her everywhere and lay her down.  She could get in a standing position but that was it.  Late that afternoon she let out a scream and I mean scream of pain.  At this point I knew I needed to call her doctor immediately.  He called in a pain killer to the pharmacy and told us to see how she's doing in the morning but this may be it for her.  He's been seeing her quite regularly lately, so he knew her condition.  That night she screamed again when she tried to get comfortable, at that point Eric and I knew we had to make that awful decision.  Her arm was shot and we didn't want her to suffer.  

Thursday morning when we got up I called the vet and made the appointment. I made the appointment for later in the day so that Eric didn't have to miss work.  I ended up having the worst headache ever along with a queasy stomach all day which caused me to throw up several times throughout the day.  I'm not sure if I was sick or was stressed from all of the crying and knowing what was coming.  The kids stayed home from school to spend one last day with her . When the time came, I pulled myself together the best I could.  I sent the kids to their grandmothers while I'll got ready to take Trixie in.  Eric was meeting me at the vet.  I took her outside and while getting the car ready with her favorite mat she tried to go back into the house (this broke my heart even more).  I loaded her up very carefully since her arm was hurting.  On the way I had to pull over and throw up again, at this point  I was praying I would make it until after everything was done before I threw up again.....I needed to be with Trixie to say goodbye.   

When I arrived at the vet my parents and Eric were waiting. My Dad built a very nice box that day to bury her in.  My step mom, Beverly stayed with Eric and I along with Trixie during the procedure.  My parents loved Trixie too.  At times like this Beverly is the person you want to be with you, she's so calming.  We laid Trixie on the table on her favorite mat.  She wagged her tail one last time before we got started. She went peacefully, no more pain.  I feel so guilty, I know it was the right thing to do but still I feel awful.   

Trixie was such a HUGE part of our family; she went every where she could with us...rides in the car, Ethan's baseball games, trips and so much more.  We had her for close to 15 years.  She was like a first child to us.   So many people knew her.  I could go on and on about her but I'll save it for a different post.  

This picture was taken a few hours before we took her in.  I think our Dexter knew something was wrong, he seemed to stay close to her.  The day before and that day he stood over her several times and barked at her.  He NEVER barks in the house, it was if he was trying to get her moving. Now that she is gone it seems that Dexter is listening for her and looking for her.  They've been together for close to 14 years;  they ate together, slept together, made their rounds together and so on.    It's been a week and I still cry everyday. I know in time it will get easier. 

One thing I know for sure is that we have been truly blessed with a very special dog and I'm very thankful for that!