Monday, January 16, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday

top ten list

Top Ten Things needed for my Head Cold

This past weekend I got the worst cold ever!!!!  I've been lucky enough not to have had one since last spring but unfortunately it hit me hard, so hard that I that I didn't leave my house for three days. 
These are the things that got me through feeling totally awful!

1. PUFFS PLUS and lots of them.  This is how I buy bulk. When I get a cold I need lots of these. I actually went through almost 3 boxes in 24 hours. 
2.  Vaseline - My poor nose was so sore that I had to constantly rub this all over it.  It's feeling much better now. 

3. Hot Tea with Honey- the hot tea temporarily gave some relief.

4. My Gray Sweater with pils all over it.  I love this sweater.  I love it like a little one loves their favorite blanket.  I wear it everyday (at home only).  It's so warm and comfy.  Unfortunately it doesn't look as good as the one in picture below. 

5. A Hot Bath 

6. Heating Pad - used for my hurt so bad I had to lay my head on it.

7. Halls Cough Drops

8. TV - I actually caught up on some shows that I had recorded.   I had quite a few.

9.  My Bed -  Oh, how good it felt to lay in my bed.  I could have stayed in there for another day but too much to do.  

10. My Family - they were so helpful and good.  I was totally useless and they knew not to ask me to do this or that.  My hubby even worked on the laundry (his least favorite thing to do). 

Hopefully I won't have a cold this bad for a very long time.  Gotta love January!


Lorie Smith said...

Very "healing", warm list! Love it!!! Glad you are feeling better! :-)

Angie said...

I love that looks so warm and comfy.

I hope you are feeling way better now. I hate being sick.

Taylor Barrett said...

get well soon!!