Thursday, September 6, 2012

I Want To Remember.......

I want to remember that Audrey decided to play an instrument. She picked a trumpet but I asked her to play the flute instead since I already owned one from when I attempted to play at her age. She agreed without hesitation. I hope she succeeds.

I want to remember that Ethan is hooked on the show Storage Wars.  He has a love for collectibles and   a good find.  He's only 11!  We can thank his grandfather for this trait!  He started taking him antiquing at a very early age.

I want to remember how much I enjoy our 15 year old cat Susie.  I love the way she meows when we talk to her and how she comes when we call.

I want to remember how Ethan let his sister have the last bowl of the Lucky Charms for breakfast this morning (this is rare)..

I want to remember the how much I love this weather.....warm sunny days to cool crisp nights for easy sleeping.

I want to remember how nervous my Ethan was to start 6th grade. Changing classrooms along with more homework. He's so worried that he won't continue to get A's and B's.  I know he will!

I want to remember what it feels like to feel good......I foresee a cold in my near future.

I want to remember that Audrey still loves me to read to her even though she can read wonderfully herself.

I want to remember that it's only a stage that Ethan is going through when he acts totally goofy or gets  mouth.  Please tell me it will pass otherwise I may go nuts!

Jack and my Ethan

I want to remember that E&A love me to make their lunch for school..  They hate school lunches.  My lunches are overall healthy and they never complain. 

This has been a fun and easy way to document life.  Check out Ali Edwards


Kathy said...

This is great! I was just thinking the other day I hadn't seen you blog in a while ... I love using the blogging to remember these little things cause I'm not a very consistent journal-er and I too want to remember these things! =)

Laura said...

Welcome black to blogging :-) I've missed you!!!!