Monday, April 15, 2013

Miscellany Monday

1.  Eggs. Beautiful Eggs.  I love looking at all the different sizes and colors of fresh farm eggs.  Some are extra big and some petite.  Some with speckles some smooth without a mark.  I often ramble on to my family on how much I appreciate the beauty of each one.  I've been thinking hard about raising my own chickens.  So much to think about it.  I've conquered one major hurdle and that's getting my husband on board, he seems to have warmed up to the idea.
  Next I will buy a book to study.  

2. To Paint or Not to Paint?
I picked up this super cute rocking chair at our local antique store for a great price. 
I had my eye on it for sometime now.  I finally got it for 60% off.  Yipee! 
Now I just can't decide whether to paint it or not.  I would love to know what you think!

2.  BASEBALL season is here which means I find baseball gloves, 
baseball bats and balls everywhere!!!!  I mean everywhere as you can see.....

3.  I was so happy to have had my camera with me when out and about last week. 
 So thrilled to have gotten to watch this for EAGLE a bit.  So beautiful!

4.  We took the kids to see 42 the Jackie Robinson Story. 
 I was happy that both my kids wanted to see . 
 It boggles my mind how people can treat other people so badly.

5. My Miss Audrey loves to get into my closet and wear my shoes around.....
her feet are almost the same size as mine.  Yikes!  She's growing tooooooo fast!

6.  My 6th grader told us he wanted to be an Archaeologist recently.  I wonder how many times his career choice will change.  We did get this great book for him off Amazon under the used book section  for $8 bucks including shipping.  Sometimes you can get great books in excellent condition for great prices.  Worth checking out before buying new.

7.  And, what a beautiful way to end the day.  The sunset was beautiful bouncing off the trees.


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